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    Importance of sports in daily life

    Sports must be added to the daily routine of an individual. Nowadays many people are affected by diseases caused due to lack of physical activity. Sports are important for children as well as grown-ups. If we have physical activity in our daily life, we feel relaxed and we remain fresh for the rest of the day.
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    That is true. Physical activity is very important for having a healthy life. A farmer will be working in the field for extended hours. That will give him stamina as well as immunity. In earlier days. in the house, all the members used to have some or other physical activity. Drawing water manually from a well, manual grinding. manual cloth washing etc. used to make ladies healthy. But these days there are no physical activities. Hence we are thinking of going for a walk or playing some sports etc.
    Sports are very useful for children. These sports will help children in upkeeping their mental as well as physical health. They will also have a better mind and make them think effectively. So it is good if the parents take an interest and see that their children will spend some time in playing games and sports.

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    In many schools there are sports period along with the daily routine periods. Our students should avail this as a gift and learn some sports in their tender age as definitely not going to get an opportunity of sports later in their life. In my school days, I never played any games but sitting in the ground by keeping the watches, pens, bags of other class mates who are playing. I. now in my 65 years felt bad for not participating in any games.

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