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    My father was hospitalised

    I was away from Hyderabad for the last 7 days. My father is in Visakhapatnam with one of my brothers. There he was sick and he was admitted to a hospital. I rushed to Visakhapatnam and as of now, I am in Visakhapatnam only.

    My father is 90 years old and has anxiety neurosis. He is on medication for the last 25 years. He suffered from a fever and was not able to move. So he was hospitalised. AFter staying in the hospital for 3 days he was discharged and slowly recovering from the illness.

    That is why I could not visit the site for the last six or seven days. I hope I can participate now nornally.
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    Hello Dr Rao. Good to see your message here on SocialVillage. After all SocialVillage is meant to share each other's thoughts, memories and events. Please take good care of your father. We all at SocialVillage pray for his good health. Do spend your time with him and write a thread or two when time permits.
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    Rao sir, it is happy to know that you are having a chance to serve your father. A father did many things to us without or with our knowledge and if a chance availed by us to reciprocate to him it is a boon to us. Once I went to Tirupathi and when I was in the queue for token for going inside, a man with his aged father came there in the queue. Another man in the queue told him why is struggling himself by taking an aged person as he, aged person, would have seen Balaji many times in his life. He, the son, told back to him, 'Sir, I agree. But at the same time, my father never left me out whenever he comes to Tirupathi by assuming that I could visit Tirupathi later in his (my) life. It is my duty to take him with me.' By hearing this, my eyes got wet and I spoken to the counter person in Telugu for helping them for some special concession and accordingly they got some special entry and went by saying thanks to me.

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    Dr Rao,

    How's your Dad now? Tomorrow is celebrated as Father's Day. Of course, we don't need a particular day to be earmarked for a loved one, but it is an occasion to celebrate, nevertheless.

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    Thank you all for your enquiries. My father improved now and came back home. Now he is not having any other problems except age-related issues and his age-old problem, anxiety. He is in Visakhapatnam with my younger brother. As he is weak and not in a position to travel, I have not brought him to Hyderabad. After 10 or 15 days, if he improves I will shift them from there to Hyderabad.

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