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    Story: A student's behavior was altered by a teacher's affection.

    Ram was a young boy who once attended a residential school while his parents were away. Ram was new to the school's curriculum and found it challenging to learn Sanskrit because he had not previously studied the language. The Sanskrit teacher beat Ram until he learned the language.

    Every day when the Sanskrit teacher entered the classroom, the boy became fearful because the teacher insisted that he read the material in the Sanskrit textbook. However, the boy's reading skills were lacking. The teacher used to punish in order for the students to understand it properly.

    The Sanskrit teacher used to beat every student in the class, and everyone harbors resentment.
    The Sanskrit instructor used to visit known students' homes to take money as debt for his family's necessities because he made very little wage in the school.

    One day he went to one student's day scholar home to ask for debt as the student want to take revenge in the absence of his parents he gave a water mix with a motion tablet and the teacher drank and fell ill and was unable to return to the school for a quite period of time.

    Ram was happy because the Sanskrit teacher was not coming to school.

    The teen boy Ram is distant from his home, but the Sanskrit teacher felt for the young student and brought him home for lunch even though there were no ingredients for a meal. Sanskrit teacher then went to the shop, took out a loan there, and asked his wife to prepare the meal.

    Ram's views towards the teacher are altered by what he sees because the teacher is disciplining him for his goodness and concern rather than to destroy him.Ram fell on the teacher's feet to forgive him.
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    A real teacher never hurt the erring student but correct him or her with his love and kindness. Students almost doing any activity wrong either by mischievous or ignorant and no child will do mistake wantonly. In those days also teachers beat the students as a last level of punishment as they followed the principle such as Saama dhaana bedha and danda.

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    Beating students is the highest punishment that a teacher can give to the student. But that should be used judicially. If it is used often, the teacher may not get respect from the students always.
    A nice story from the author. The student understood the mind of his teacher when he came to know about his affection towards him. The teacher has shown his affection by calling the boy for lunch. Then the kid understood the mind of the teacher. The moral of the story is that one should take positively the actions of others instead of taking negative ones.

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