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    Parents should be cautious in giving domestic work to their children

    Many parents are trying to give domestic works to their children in order to develop them in such fields also. It is quite welcomed by anyone.
    But at the same time, such training should be given to the children in apt times. If the slow study students, they consider the domestic work is easier than the studying and so they prefer to help mother or father in all respects and avoid studying. I have seen many children buy some items for their parents and going to school in time, for such students it is okay.
    My mother never gave work for us during the school days but asked us to do some house work even cooking during holidays and non school days.
    In some houses I am seeing some parents forced the children to take their bags, cloths, food etc., by themselves in order to make them that they should get trained in doing their work by own. It is also welcomed but it does not mean that they should not ask parents for anything.
    My mother and aunt used to sit out at the entrance of the house to avoid incoming persons while we are studying in evenings. During examination time both my mother and aunt used to prepare tea for us and brought to our place without asking. These are all not pampering.
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    This is a useful suggestion from the author and I welcome his suggestion. All parents should see that their children will be performing well in their studies. After that only, they should plan to use them for other works. Training them in other works is also good. But only free time should be used for that. In no time, children should not ignore their studies.
    Some students grasp the subject very fast and they can finish their studies early. But Some students may take more time. Parents should understand the capacity of their children and see that they will have sufficient time for their studies.
    These days parents are having very high expectations from their children. They want their children to excel in many fields and in that pursuit, the children get stressed and finally become a jack of all trades but master of none.
    So parents should see the calibre of their children.

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    This is an interesting post by the author. I fully agree that we should not load the children with household work. At the same time we should ask them to do some little work themselves so that they understand the dignity of work and should not become dependent on others in future. For example they should not throw their things in the house here and there and create clutter. They should be taught to keep things in order.
    They must do some small things themselves and we should not give them everything served on a platter.

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