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    Why do we need a brush to apply oil?!

    I find it quite strange to see in a YouTube video or a cooking reality show a brush being used to apply oil on bread put in a toaster or on something about to be put in the oven. Is such an implement really necessary? I mean, surely all you need to use is a spoon! Take a little oil in it, put it on the surface, and spread it out with the back of that same spoon.

    Like this, you may have seem some perfectly useless products made just to create an impression of using something sophisticated when neither the need nor the necessity is there. They are just fooling people into buying them!

    Have you come across such products, not necessarily associated with cooking alone, but for any type of activity?
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    Some innovation to attract the people. They will say some benefits which people will believe. Actually, a spoon is more than enough for that. But these days some people say by using a brush to apply oil will ensure that uniform coating all over the surface of the bread will come. This is the weakness of the people and sellers will definitely encash that.
    There are many such products which are of no use but people try to utilise them. We are seeing different types of shampoos and each shampoo manufacturer says that theirs is the best by telling some name of an ingredient. If we go really into the technology of the same that product is nothing to do with the quality the manufacturer says. When we are ready to get deceived, definitely, sellers will encash that situation.

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    I also agree that brush is a redundant item. I have also seen it in many cooking videos. Using a brush might be helpful only when someone wants to use a little quantity of oil and want to spread it uniformly on the bottom of the pan. Other than that I don't see any use of using a brush.

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    For dosa and cooking our elders have oil in a jar and pour correctly without spilling. Later only a bottle with nose used for oiling dosa etc., These are indicating the lack of concentration in cooking only and not modernization.

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    In our home we used to(and still using) a small piece of cloth made into a lemon size ball to spread oil o the Dosa Tava. If we pour oil with a spoon, it will not spread into a uniform thin layer. Instead it may accumulate at the centre or at some side. For Dosa to come smoothly without sticking at any place, a thin layer of oil is needed on the Tava. This is facilitated by the small cloth ball touched with oil. By this just by on time touching the oil the cloth can be used for more Dosas and the spread will be uniform.
    The new brush just tries to replace the cloth ball or cloth bunch. It can be used for many other uses also. For example when making certain sweets e need to grease the plates or vessels. with Ghee or oil.
    In our home, we do not use the oil brush for host surfaces like Dosa Tava, but use it for cold surfaces like pre- greasing plates for making Burfi, etc.
    If a product is useful it will find more buyers and will be successful, but if it is useful and affordable, it will fail and vanish.

    Yes I have come across and we have bought many such items online. Most of them are cheap and have utility. One such is the kitchen rack for draining water from cleaned vessels. They are available in plastic and steel. Many such items are quite useful in small area homes like budget and utility flats etc.

    As our house is a small area one, we have many such products which help us to have all needed facilities usable in a small area space.

    One such notable product is a 'portable plastic commode' to be used in Indian type closet- converting Indian type closet to a Western Type closet. I was looking for such a product to use in our 1BHK flat in Mumbai as my wife could not bend or squat due to a fall she suffered. Searching online I found and bought it and it was a suitable, easily available, affordable solution for our problem.

    Many times our necessity makes us find such products.

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