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    Basic knowledge is lack in present children

    Many of the present children are bright in many activities as expected by their parents. Some children got big big cups and medals in Abacus, etc., It is on one way happy to everyone.
    But some basic knowledge is very much lack in them.
    Last week a boy of 26 years old came from US, who is a son of my friend. Along with him, his parents and myself went to some function at Tanjore side of Tamil Nadu in their car. He only drove the car for a quite distance and his driving found very great for his age. I appreciated him for this. After some distance he gave his driving to his mother and he was sitting with me by talking casually. Amidst I showed coconut trees to him and asked whether he could see such trees in his place of USA. I got shocked from his reply as he asked me what was the tree?. I told him, 'Hey you have studied your all education in India, that too in Tamil Nadu, Don't you know about the coconut tree and palm trees?'. Before I got reply from him I got second but severe shock from his father, 'What is the necessity for him in knowing such things, he is a computer expert, you know?'
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    When reading about such incidents, one does not know whether to be shocked or amused or both! It is very true that basic knowledge is lacking, not just in children, but in grownups, too. In the interaction that you have shared, it is difficult to believe that, as you stated, as a child he has grown up in the south and has not known the name of a tree that is part and parcel of nature in all coastal regions of our country. His father's reaction was typical - defending his son!!

    I recall seeing an inter-school Quiz show on TV some years ago. The question asked was 'In which city is the Taj Mahal?' One team replied "Mumbai". There was a second's stunned silence from the quiz Master (the show's presenter) and he informed the team that he was not inquiring about the hotel. What to say of such kids who do not know about their own country.

    In fact, today's generation of kids, despite having useful online sources at their fingertips and don't even need to look at printed matter, are more absorbed in Insta, FB and what-not instead of reading up newspapers, knowing about current happenings, learning about our beautiful monuments, etc. You may even find that few kids know details of even our Tiranga or our national symbols.

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