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    A Tamil film named Por Thozhil insists the need of love and affection

    Recently I have seen a Tamil film named Por Thozhil which is a crime story based film. But the main theme of the film is need of Love and affection on others especially on children makes any thing peaceful. The film ends with a quote, stating that "With Love, we can even conquer our inner demons'. A family quarrel or restless situation in a house leads the child into mental agony which may turns to any level and even leads to crime. On the last scene, the hero stresses a quarrelsome family by saying, 'if you, parents, do their work properly the work of police get reduced'.
    It is a film stressing the parents to keep the home with calm and happy.
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    Interesting account of the film by the author. I agree that parents have a big responsibility of managing and guiding their children so that they grow up in a good environment.

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