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    To have a healthy day we can follow our conventional methods of eating

    It is good to have medicinal herbs in our food weekly once.
    In our house our mother used to prepare a kashayam by grinding ginger, coriander and slight jaggery one week.
    On the next week dried turkey berry powder made after fried along with pepper or red chilis to mix with plain boiled rice by adding slight salt and ghee or gingly oil.
    On the another week we have been given 'rasam' by using garlic cloves grinded with pepper and jeera
    For small children my mother used to give the juice of fresh radish added salt slightly to remove the kapha in lungs.
    Excessive heat in the body creates many health disorders and so adding butter milk in lunch have been practiced in many houses. Nowadays many parents avoid butter milk or curd to their childrens by saying it leads to cold.
    In evenings if mothers practices to give sundals made of grains like soya, channa, rajma, peas, or upma made of poha in evenings when the children come from school it is good to the health of them as well prevents them from eating junk foods.
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    We still take the kashayam on getting a cold or sore throat for soothing relief. Chukku Coffee powder is also something I have at home and take when I have a sore throat, and also sometimes when I want a change from the regular coffee. Now, with the onset of the monsoon, it will be something that I will surely take at least once in the week.

    Juice of vegetables is taken regularly in my home, sometimes a combo of radish and cucumber (a few coriander leaves may be added as well) or beetroot or a combo of beetroot and carrot. Indeed, such vegetable juices are really a good daily health drink to have. As for curds, I have been eating curds daily after lunch since decades, and only avoid it if I have a cold as advised by the doctor. I don't much care for buttermilk, though.

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    Actually, the usage of herbal medicines increased after COVID-19. Many people started understanding the benefits of these medicines. In our house, we regularly will have Rasam made with various herbal ingredients like Garlic, tamarind, jaggery, Zeera etc as a liquid diet in our lunch. It is a must item every day. Similarly, we take herbal tea in the morning without sugar and milk.
    My grandfather was an ayurvedic doctor and he used to tell us the various advantages of some herbal plants. Tulasi is also a very useful item for maintaining good health.
    Even today we use many Ayurvedic medicines in our house and we will not go for allopathic medicines without using these Ayurvedic medicines which are mainly made of herbal products only.

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    Home made Indian foods are generally healthy. Ladies in our houses know that very well and prepare the food in that fashion. Some foods are very light and easy to digest and they are very good for the people who are having stomach problems. Our evergreen Khichadi is one of them. I have practically experienced that if I take one or two times a week this simple preparation of Khichadi then I do not get any stomach upset during that period.
    Another thing is taking hot water after taking spicy food is a great remedy for avoiding sore throats or congestion in throat due to oil, spices, and chillies.
    Idli is one of the food that is very nutritious as well as light for our stomachs. It is originally a South Indian dish but now it is available all across the country.

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