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    Which TV serial would you like to feature in?

    This is a today's special Sunday activity from my side.

    There will be many TV serials that you have enjoyed a good deal, whether in the past on good old Doordashan or later when we got a plethora of channels, with many viewers continuing to tune in, to their favourite crime shows or soap operas. Just think of some serial (not a reality show) where you would love to have been featured in, not necessarily as a major character, but even as a cameo in some scene. It can be a serial in the past or a current one.

    I would have have liked to feature in Malgudi Days, based on R. K. Narayan's book. It would have been fun to be one of kids in the neighbourhood who makes friends with Swami, Mani, Shankar, and Rajam.
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    These days we have stopped watching TV shows and serials. None of them are interesting and we don't want our small granddaughters to get addicted to TV programmes. So we will not even switch on the TV for many days.
    However, we used to see some good serials during the 1990s. More in our regional language. There was a serial called ANUBHANDAM (attachment) in Etv a well-known Telugu TV channel. The storyline depicts the attachment between a brother and a sister. In the absence of parents, how does a person take care of his younger sister and in that process how many hurdles he faced and how he came out of all those problems is the main theme of the serial? The serial got a very good response from the audience. If I were given a chance I wants to feature in that serial as the brother. How the relation between a brother and sister should be has been shown in this serial very well.

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    The serials in almost all language televisions are not in good story line but every one has the villains inside the house itself which keeps the mind of viewers either to follow or hate the characters of such nature. In one Tamil serial 'Iniya' in Tamil the sister of the family head stays with them along with her family but doing all villainy activities to spoil the good climate of the family. In another Tamil serial till 15 days back it went smoothly by depicting the unity of brothers but now it has also polluted with dispute among the brotherhood.
    So, it is good to sit away from television serials and nowadays we used to watch the film songs that also we do hide and seek as the scenes of film songs are not worth seeing with children.
    Above all as many schools got reopened parents should stop seeing televisions in the evenings and nights in order to not to affect their study. My mother used to sit outside while we are studying our lessons in order to prevent visitors for talking with family members.

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