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    Why I am not able to write in Knowledge center here?

    Today I opened the knowledge centre here for the first time and the message that popped up was restricted please tell me why is. Is there any chance of resuming of article section, and why is it taken down anyway? If I am to contribute to the knowledge centre here, what kind of things I am supposed to write? Can it be like the earlier article section on ISC?
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    Hi Neelam
    The restriction of the Knowledge Centre is removed for you. You should be able to contribute to the section. SocialVillage website will focus more on the Knowledge Centre section and thus article section is closed. You can contribute all things possible in the Knowledge Centre. Anything related to education can be contributed to ISC. Rest everything can be contributed over here.

    Do keep in mind, that we are not having cash credits and AdSense as yet. To get a better idea, refer to the Important Links in the right sidebar. Once you have gone through all of the Important links and if you would still have any queries, feel free to post your query over here.

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    Can my post on the knowledge centre be on similar lines as articles used to be?

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    I am unaware of how you used to write articles. Kindly elaborate on your way of writing. I will be able to further guide you on the same.
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    Today when I tried to add content to a KC topic, I was denied posting. Please look into the matter.

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    Please check now if you are able to submit both, a Topic as well as a Topic response in the Knowledge Centre.

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    Neelam Joshi,

    Welcome to Social Village. Glad to see you here!

    Basically yes, you can submit content in the Knowledge Centre in the same manner as an article. That is, you could present it like a mini-article with HTML tags for headings, an intro, a conclusion, etc to give it a professional look.

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    Do I have to add the topic and then wait for it to get approved and then only can I add topic?
    Can't I do both things simultaneously?

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    Hi Neelam
    You can add new topics. I have currently approved your submitted topic after re-tuning it for good SEO

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    You have written "....then only can I add topic".

    I think your query is whether you are required to wait for a topic to be approved before you add content (answer) to the topic. Yes, you need to wait for the topic to be approved before you can reply to it.

    May I suggest- you could prepare a draft in a Word doc on your system and save it, submit the topic here, and, as soon as it is approved, you can submit that content to it. In fact, this way, you can think of a number of good Topics, prepare the drafts of content, and then submit at one go once the Topics are approved.

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