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    We listened to you: Articles section is back!

    Hello Villagers!

    The town hall had a long discussion yesterday about how our SocialVillage grows! We need more houses to have new members coming to stay in our village and write their hearts out! During the discussions about how to grow our Village, we had an extended talk on our dear old Articles section. Listening to all of your words and suggestions, a debate began on whether to bring the section back or not.

    Some of the headmen were in favour of having the section back, while some said that Knowledge Centre is the way to go ahead. Some said that the Knowledge Centre is as good as a single point where all articles can be presented one after the other. While others said having separate articles still brings value. The main concern was on duplication of articles, which could be effectively avoided in the Knowledge Centre, while some other headmen were saying that separate articles were still good; just as it was seen in our Mother site ISC. The talks and debates went on for a long time. But in the end, our Village Chief decided to bring back our beloved Articles section!

    Following the Village Chief's decision, the Articles section is back again for all the villagers of SocialVillage. A few changes have been brought in to justify the presence of both Articles and Knowledge Centre.

    • The articles section will house long writeups only. Articles should be a minimum of 500 words and above.
    • Writeups in the Articles section should contain detailed information about the subject. Typically, subjects that are "evergreen information" should be present in the Articles section.
    • Articles should have a good outline and layout.
      • Start with mentioning intent in the introduction to the subject.
      • Continue in a point-to-point paragraph style explaining the subject. If your article contains a procedure, write in a step-by-step manner using bullet points.
      • End your article with a conclusion, to summarise your article.
    • Other styles of writing articles are welcome, provided you make it easy for readers to go through.
    • Kindly note short write-ups should be posted in the Knowledge Centre section.
    • While all of you may be aware, I would still repeat here for the sake of completion of this post: Do not reproduce content from any other sources including your blog, other websites and printed material. Copied content, plagiarised content, AI-produced content will not be accepted.

    So what is the difference between all of these sections? What should I post where?

    Thus, the Articles section will house long, descriptive, evergreen resources. Unlike news and updates, articles should be good to refer to, even after a long period of time.

    Knowledge Centre can house shorter discussions, current posts, topics that have a shorter life, current hot topics, breaking news, and new jobs. While we are an Indian Social Content Sharing Portal, feel free to bring on topics from foreign countries. Feel free to discuss jobs, interviews, entertainment, new facilities and their benefits to the local public. Topics may be about current ongoing events.

    The Social Discussions section houses discussions about everyday life at SocialVillage! New updates, contests, awards, fun competitions and alike. SocialVillage Headmen hang out in the Forum section to bring up the Point of View of Villagers! Any new changes are brought either after considering villagers' POV, or the other way round. Our Village Chief may announce certain changes which can be unique decisions put up on our SocialVillage. Quick queries and hurdles about our village can be posted here!

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    Great to know that the article section is back at the social village. I welcome the decision and hope that this decision will encourage the members to be active here.

    I want to know that will we get points only or cash credit also for submitting an article at social village.

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    Currently only points. We are yet to receive any information about Cash Credits from the Village Chief!
    Check out all Help guidelines from Social Village

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    It is good to note that articles can be submitted here. Of course, only points will be awarded for the time being. I am thinking that we have to spend a lot of time making articles or writing something in KC. Many members are not finding that much free time. Anyhow let us wait and see how many authors will come forward.

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    This is a good decision and as many members are interested in writing articles and publish them they will come forward and enrich the article section. father.

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