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    June 2023 Cash Payment Announcement

    Dear Villagers!

    The Village Chief called for a townhall today morning and decided to award some of the members' cash credit payments! These payments are for the villagers who earned credits of more than Rupees 500!
    To view the Cash payments details kindly visit the Cash Credits page.

    If your name has been announced for payments, please follow the payment step-by-step instructions over here.
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    Congratulations to Reena Upadhya, and A B Sivakumar for being eligible to receive payments! If I am not mistaken, they are the very first recipients of earnings for their valuable contributions to Social Village. Well done, both of you. This will surely encourage other members, too, to contribute and, possibly, earn by and by once the admin. starts offering cash credits for content.

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    My hearty congratulations to Reen Upadhya and Mr A B Sivakumar for getting their first payment from the social village. Well done and keep it up. I also thank the village chief for releasing the cash payment the first time.

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    My heartfelt congratulations to both the members who received the cash awards for the month of June 2023. Their names will be there in the history of this site as the first recipients of cash from this site. I hope both of them will contribute further and get cash awards in the coming months also. I also expect other members to try their best and contribute aggressively to this site so that they will also get payments in the coming months.

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    Congratulations to both the members for their cash payments which clearly shows that they had contributed in this emerging site in a sustained manner for quite some time. Well done members and keep up your creative writing spirits.

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    My hearty congratulations to both the winning members and getting a cash award for their contribution.

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