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    Have you revisited a village?

    I am sure many living in the city will enjoy a trip to the village. There are a couple of reasons behind this; some may be the fresh air and open fields. They are my favourites. You will find people less busy and you will also not see many cars on the roads of a village. Actually, village life doesn't have the noisy activities of the city and is quite close to nature. We all are attracted to the beauties of nature, which are very much available in the villages, and maybe that's why you will not say no if given a chance for a trip to a village. You may talk about many disadvantages of village life, which is not a part of the discussion here, and even noticed many changes in villages nowadays, but can you point out some changes during recent times that surprised you after a revisit to the village?

    Well, to notice the changes you need to revisit the village after quite some time and also need to visit the favourite spots in that village. Even if it's not a village but a distant place from the city where you visited after a long time that will also do. Please share your views.
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    Villages always for peace and a place where there is no tension in normal life as found in cities. It is with less vehicular traffic. People lived in villages left their villages to towns for employment and various other reasons. Instead of selling their property of villages they would keep their houses for living in their relaxed days from the town living.

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    My village is in district Pithoragarh of Uttarakhand State. I had occasionally visited that as we were residing in the nearby town. I left my town to pursue my higher education and then joined a job in some place that was far off from my town. Once a year I was visiting my town but could not go to the village.
    After a long time, I got an opportunity to go to my village in connection with some function in the house of my relative. As I went there after a long gap everyone was talking to me and greeting me and I was overwhelmed with their love and affection. It was a great experience in my village after such a long time.

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