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    Never miss this special dish in Madurai

    Madurai in South Tamil Nadu is one of the busiest cities with a huge tourist population. The foreign tourists like to soak in the culture of the superb Meenakshi temple, around which hundreds of shops offer a big variety of food.

    And there is one drink called Jigardhanda that tastes so good. It is not correct to mention the recipe here as the taste is just fabulous and those who taste it once often ask for more. So, when you next visit Madurai, just enjoy this special drink and be very happy.
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    Yes the author is right. This jigardhanda is very well in Madurai since last 70 years. But in those it was not so popular in all places but nowadays even in Chennai and other places we can get the jigardhanda in the same name as 'Madurai Jigardhanda'. The taste is similar in all places. The items they mixing in the jigardhanda is really cooling our stomach and even as a medicine we can consume. In a big shop of them at the Vilakkuththoon of Madurai, they are giving in parcel also in a well packed level.

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    An interesting information shared by the author. I am hearing for the first time about this cool drink called Jigardhanda. We find such delicious dishes or drinks in many parts of our country which are the speciality of that place and I think jigardhanda well fits in that category.

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    I visited Madurai but did not have the opportunity to taste 'jigardhanda'. Now, I am trying to remember this particular word, so that during my next visit, I can recall this word and order the same without getting ridiculed. I assume that this is a drink which makes our body cool during summer.
    "Tera chehra kitna suhana lagta hain; Tere aage chand purana lagta hain"--Kaif Bhopali

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    I visited Madurai once and had an opportunity of tasting the said drink and I liked the taste of the same. I had the darshan of Meenakshi Maata. A group of 12 members went on a pilgrimage to South India from Bangalore. Madurai was one of the places we visited. At that time my brother was staying in Chennai and he knows bout this drink. So he made us taste the same.

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