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    Taking children to public places is a tool of creating strength

    In those days many marriage and other domestic functions, village festivals, temples etc., are filled with children in different color dresses. They also felt with joy and running here and there.

    Nowadays parents are not taking children to any of such places by saying they are busy in their studies etc., Education is an essential one to them no doubt but the social mingling is becoming absent in them very much. When visitors or relative comes to our houses, the children are keeping themselves in a room by showing they are busy in some studies etc.,

    Many children nowadays are not familiar with public places in their own area. They are not taken to Museums, libraries etc., The school teachers were also arranging local tours for their students in those days and that also got vanished in many schools except Government schools.

    I saw nearly 40 students from Tenkasi, a place in Tamilnadu, taken by their teachers to the Padmanabhapuram Palace and explaining everything to the students and students also listening everything with interest.
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    I agree with the author. We should take our children to different places as and when a chance arises. Going out and visiting places is also an education for children.
    Last week I was in Bangalore. my family members all went to different pilgrim centres in AP., Telangana. Karnataka and Tamilnadu. My granddaughters are very happy and they showed eagerness to know more stories about places we visited. So while commuting from one place to another places in our car, we used to explain to them the importance and history of each place.
    Always sitting between four walls and reading books is not the only way to get educated. They should interact with people, they should see nature and understand the necessity of protecting the environment etc. That will make them better citizens and

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    Outing by the students to such places always results in addition of knowledge to their kitty. When students are taken to such places under the guidance of teacher or guide then it becomes a very interesting experience as the teacher would explain so many things to them related to history and culture. We should encourage our children to go and participate in such tours.

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