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    Points and cash credits are not updated in dashboard section

    Dear sir,
    I have submitted two answers to the knowledge centre. Both answers have been approved. I can see the cash credits awarded for the answers. But these points and cash credits are not updated on the dashboard. Please check and rectify the issue as soon as possible.
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    Dear Hakimuddin,

    At times, it takes a little while to get the update on the dashboard after the award of points and cc. Do wait for a while, re-login and check your dashboard again. However, it may be due to some technical issues too. I have forwarded your queries to the admin. Please wait for an update.

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    Thank you very much sir for your quick action. I have tried so many times but unfortunately, the issue is not resolved. I think it is a technical issue and the webmaster will resolve it.

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    Dear Hakimuddin
    Our Village Chief is still working on the issue. They are trying to come up with a potion or two. But yet do not worry. I am keeping an eye on your cash credits. Should our chief require more time to resolve the same before the end of month, we will find other ways to reconcile your payments, if any would occur.

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    Thank you very much, sir. There is no issue of payment. My payment is very low. I just want to inform you about the technical issue I have found on this site.

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    I also want to bring out a small issue in the knowledge of the webmaster while I am updating in the dashboard.
    When I am updating the points it is updating it correctly. But when I am updating the cash credits then it is giving some error message. Then I am going back and again trying to update the cash credits and second time it doesn't give any error message but shows the earlier balance whatever it was there.
    I think when the problem raised by Mr Hakimuddin is resolved this will also get addressed.

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