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    Parents need to contact the teachers casually

    Recently Tamil Nadu Government arranged to send SMS to parents about the absence of their children. It has been noted that some children are going somewhere by telling the parents as going to schools. So, to bring this to the parents knowledge, the Education department made this alert.
    Many teachers are annoying that the parents are not meeting teachers even on casual nature also. Many parents coming to schools to drop or pick up the children in the evening but similar to an auto driver, they pick up and drop the children at the school entrance. Only a few parents are having good contact with the teachers.
    During my college period, one of my cousin from other city, was studying in PUC with me. One day his mother and father casually came to our house and this boy took them by his side and showed all his books and notes. They also, though educated, saw them with eager and this makes me to talk with my parents about my education activities whether they are asking or not. Parents should talk to the children freely on returning home from school about the happening in the school; this automatically makes the children to share about the subjects where they bright or short.
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    It is good for the students if the parents are in touch with the teachers of their children. Parents will get first-hand information about the performance of their wards in the school. They will also get information about the behaviour of their children in the school. Teachers may not have time to contact all parents regularly. So parents only should make it a point to contact teachers once in a while. It is in the interest of their children only.
    Many schools conduct teacher-parent interaction once a month at least so that there will be a chance for parents to talk to the teachers. Some corporate colleges will also send SMS to the parents if their children are absent from college on a particular day. I used to receive such SMS messages about my sons when they were doing their B Tech. When the student knows that their parents may contact his/ her teachers, they will be more careful.

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    Often students bunk classes and school and starts to roam around in the nearby areas. It has become a common practice, but a student should not forget his/her responsibility towards education. I don't think bunking school, skipping classes sometimes is that big of a issue but if the students are indulged in some form of wrong activities than it is a issue and cause of concern for both parents and teachers. Teachers should be aware about the whearbouts of their children and what is going on their life . Parents can do this without being too nosy as well. It is different for every generation - problems, way of living and education as well. The older generation can't compare everything with their own time. Also at a school level children can't be given so much freedom that they start to neglect their education.

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    If parents want to monitor and want to have vigil on the activities of their children in school then the only way is to have a continuous touch with the teachers or school authorities.
    Many parents neglect this crucial matter and then they are totally in dark about their children as what were they doing in the school. Many gullible parents feel that the children might be seriously studying in the school. But in some cases children fall into a bad company and start bunking classes and then lose interest in studies.
    Parents have a great responsibility of monitoring their children and it would only be possible when they have contacts in school.

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