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    Waterborne diseases during the rainy season and precautions

    During the rainy season, we can witness small bodies of water here and there and water in some of these water bodies is dirty water due to their vicinity to the garbage in the area and that is a breeding ground for all types of insects which are harmful for human beings.
    It is advisable to wear socks and water-resistant boots during the rainy season so that the polluted water does not affect the feet which is the first place to get any type of infection in the skin in the rainy season. It is also recommended to use mosquito nets or other mosquito-repellent methods to avoid mosquito bite which is the main source of many diseases during this season. People having net in their doors and windows should keep them closed during this season so that mosquitoes do not enter the house.
    What precautions are you taking during the rainy season? Please share your experiences.
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    There are chances of contamination of water bodies during the rainy season and that's why we should be a little more cautious about drinking water during the rainy season. We should not drink water from everywhere during this season and carrying an umbrella during the rainy season is essential if not a raincoat. Fungal infection because of the dampness in the weather is quite common during the rainy season and we must avoid wearing wet clothes for a long duration if somehow we get drenched in rain.

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    The author is perfectly right. Special care to be taken for children and elders in the house during the rainy season.
    *We should keep general medicines in hand by consulting our family doctor.
    *Never keep opened vehicle tires, coconut shells etc., in the outside of the house as they are becoming birth place for mosquitos.
    *Using Phynils or antiseptic lotions for cleaning the house floors.
    *Using basils in our regular drinking water for all our house members.
    *Keeping dry door mats at the main entrance and at the entrance of toilets/bath rooms.

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    Many municipalities in the cities are appealing the public to avoid moving through stagnant water barefoot as it is a great risk for water born diseases.

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