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    This State is very special for the sheer variety of food

    At a recent party hosted by a family, now settled in Tamil Nadu, but origins from a border town in Andhra Pradesh, I was treated to a bajji, a snack that is made out of any vegetable like potato or brinjal or onion, but fried in oil. This is very common in South India, and there is nothing great about it.

    The lady, who has relatives in the Rajamundry area of AP, served a big bajji, and the size suggested that it was made with brinjal. The brinjal is first fried in oil and then is mixed with the bajji inputs and fried a second time in oil. However, the lady did mention that the brinjal is fresh from a farm, and does not have any worms. Moreover, the first fry is not elaborate.

    The taste was superb. She did mention that near Rajamundry, it is possible to find a number of hotels serving this kind of bajji. The other dishes were special too. I felt rather shy to ask for the recipes, but the vegetarian fare was excellent.

    AP is indeed special for the sheer variety. When one has a lunch with some 14 varieties of dishes, and also one or two sweets, that is a real special lunch.
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    The author made me to remember my Orissa trip through this posting. When I visited Bhubaneswar on my official work, I have been taken to Konarak Sun Temple by the Branch In charge, Mr. Margabandhu, in his vehicle. On our return, we went to Orissa Tourism Department canteen for tea. I asked the waiter about the available snacks at that time. He told 'chili bajjis'. I was under impression as available in Chennai and ordered for a plate along two cups of tea. He brought a cup of chili pakoras, that is soaked and fried green chillis dipped in gram dhal flour. We put a handful item into our mouth and felt so so sour to the extent of preventing us from taking the tea. As I was thinking a lengthy chili bajji.

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