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    Do we really need dish washers?

    These are days when the families are investing in a variety of gadgets, that make one's life far more comfortable at home.

    The latest in this list is the dish washer. They are made by world-class companies like Siemens and Bosch. However, they are costly and are at least Rs.50,000/-. One does not really know the utility of such costly things and the service support is also not very clear.

    Those who use it swear that it does a very good job, as far as the ever silver articles are concerned. However, it is just not possible that we use only ever silver articles. The copper bottom articles, for example, are used for frying and those made of aluminium, even more so. Hence, such articles, it is said, have to hand-washed only.

    Is it worth the price? If there are members who have used it for a decade or so, they may please relate their experiences.
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    No, we don't need dish-washers. If it costs Rs. 50,000/-, it means it is the salary for 25 months of our family's house-maid. So, it is not cost-effective.

    I am not even considering the electricity cost or the cost of dish-washing liquid or solid soap.

    "Tera chehra kitna suhana lagta hain; Tere aage chand purana lagta hain"--Kaif Bhopali

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    I think it is easy for men to say that it is not required in the Indian household because it is rare sight for an Indian men washing dishes in the house. After a certain time, men get retired, get to rest, and sit on their resting chairs, commenting on every aspect of life, but women - they never get rest. They have to work round the clock in any household. Their labour is rarely recognised. Getting a dishwasher is, in fact, an urban phenomenon, and it will take years and years for it to penetrate the Indian market because it will be a rare sight for a man to buy this for his wife. It can be done by a son but not by a husband as well as a working woman who has to work at home as well as office.
    And I am specifically talking about a men buying it because still half of the women in India are out of the workforce, and for men it is irrelevant. My comment might seem harsh to many people but they are reality. I want to ask the author of the post how often does he do dishes in the household to question the relevance of this gadget.

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    Ms. Joshi: Please don't bring 'men-women' issue here. Like many other men, I regularly clean dishes in my home, despite having a maid-servant for this purpose. My view on dish-washer is totally based on monetary/economic factor only.
    "Tera chehra kitna suhana lagta hain; Tere aage chand purana lagta hain"--Kaif Bhopali

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    Mr Partha it is infect a part of Man and woman debate, even if you do dishes it is not as a duty but a occasional thing. Monetary thing is not a permanent issue here as the demand of the product will increase its price may fall like every other luxury item, gadget and tools available. If you see many things when they were introduced for the first time they were expensive but as soon as people became used to these things and their production increased their was a reduction in the prices.
    It is expensive right now but it is not a useless product at all.

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    Madam-ji, most probably you have not properly gone through my earlier comments. In our family, we have a housemaid who cleans the utensils and does other cleaning work. We pay her Rs. 2000/- per month. So, I said that dishwasher is not cost-effective for our family.

    So far as cleaning utensils is concerned, in addition to the work done by the maid, my wife and myself clean extra utensils regularly.

    I hope I am clear. I must conclude that dishwasher may be a necessity for you, it is a fancy item and not required in our family.

    "Tera chehra kitna suhana lagta hain; Tere aage chand purana lagta hain"--Kaif Bhopali

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    Dishwasher is a controversial gadget. It takes a lot of time to arrange utensils in it for getting them cleaned. Also the cleaning session takes 2 hours which is also very long time. Special detergents are used in these gadgets which are costlier than the normal detergents. Due to all these factors these gadgets are not getting popular with the Indian households.
    Many gadgets like fridge and washing machine have become very popular in our households and everyone gets them quickly when one is able to afford their cost.
    I think it will take time to get this person a popular and common item in our households

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    Let me make it very clear. I join my wife in washing the vessals at home. We do have a domestic servant who does the work, as we are so busy. But there are times when the servant would be absent for even three days at a stretch. We are thinking of buying a dish washer but we have both good and bad reviews. For example, the frying pans cannot to put inside the machine and washed. It accepts only the eversilver items..

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