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    Take this preventive medicine for good health

    There are some good Siddha and Ayurvedha drugs that are very good for health. One of such is called is Tripala. This is nothing but a combination of Gooseberry, ( nellikkai in Tamil), Beleric dried (Raw) known as Thandrikkai in Tamil and Haritaki or Harad in Hindi, also known as Kadukkai in Tamil.

    The superb combination of these three things leads to Tripala, and this can be found in tablet form and in the powder form in any Ayurveda shop. Or shop selling Siddha Medicines in the entire Tamil Nadu and parts of Kerala as well. This helps to maintain immunity. It is often sold as an OTC drug.

    Now, one can have two tablets a day, after breakfast and dinner. It is the perfect antibiotic and it is very safe to have this tablet. If you still need medical consultation, you can consult any qualified Ayurveda doctor. But please be very careful, as there are too many crooks who call themselves doctors and are not really doctors. ( for example, they will claim, " am an Ayurveda doctor from North India" and give no further information.

    It is always better to be very careful with such crooks. The Arya Vaidya Pharma outlets in Kerala and Tamil Nadu are safe enough.
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    Triphala is a well known Ayurvedic supplement/medicine used in our country since a long time. It is said to be very good for control in the functions of stomach and keeps it in healthy condition. There are many Ayurvedic medicines and supplements which were formulated based on the experience of our great scholars and today the whole world is looking up to these Indian remedies with interest and awe.
    Ayurvedic medicines are made out of the natural compounds and they do not have any side effects which is a great property if you compare them with that of the modern medicines.

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    Triphala denotes three fruits in Sanskrit and they are available in various forms. As an Ayurvedic medicine, it is available generally in powder form but in shops that sell items for Pujas and rituals, you will also get three separate dried fruits together. You may soak them in water or can crush them to make powder. Triphala has many health benefits, however, it's not an antibiotic as mentioned by the author in the post. Along with various health benefits, there are drug interactions also and Triphala may not be used with certain medications. If it is consumed in greater amounts then also it may not be beneficial. Considering all these, it is advisable to consult with a doctor before using it as a medicine.

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    Author is right. There is a saying about the gooseberry as 'Mooththor sollum Nellikkaayum munne pulikkum pinne inikum' which means the gooseberry (Nellikkai in Tamil) tastes sour initially but sweet later similar to the words of elderly persons which felt hurt when hearing but felt high when we experience.
    Similarly the use of Thiripala is great for any person and can be consumed normally every night at least one tablet or one small spoon.

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    Triphala is a very effective medicine and preventive medicine.

    During my childhood it was mostly Ayurvedic medicines hat were used. Most of hem were prepared at home as per Vaidya's prescriptions and buying the ingredients from native medicine shop. I had heard my father and uncle discuss about diseases and the remedial Ayurvedic medicines. Later on when there came many Ayurvedic medical shops we used to buy them from those shops or Vaidyasalas.

    So I have some familiarity with Ayurvedic or native medicines, and I also used to go for Ayurvedic medicines for many common ailments. Now, since last few years I am taking Triphala tablets daily.

    For senior people it is especially good for the daily easy movement of bowels. It is also helpful as a preventive supplement for the eyes, delaying or preventing the cataract etc. Tablets are convenient to take and they are available in almost all established and popular Ayurvedic medicine manufacturers and local Vaidyasalas.

    The above is to be taken as a general awareness tip and for any particular health issue a qualified and experienced medical practitioner should be consulted and avoid self medication.

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