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    Have your own method of meditation

    When the entire world is becoming Westernized, a reverse sort of cultural transformation is going on in parts of India. There is a big push towards Meditation in almost every religion.

    And there are too many variants of it in Hinduism as well. However, meditation can also be done with pure common sense techniques and attending special courses is not that essential.

    For example, if one can close his or her eyes, take a deep breadth and just recollect the events of the day and just live that three minutes, he or she is likely to review the good and the bad; the urgent and not so urgent tasks and so on. Even relationships. For, a harsh word spoken or an act of kindness, a small gathering where everything was fun, can indeed give us the strength to start anew anything that we had missed out and even correct our mistakes. And the best of experts keep on saying that it is fine to just keep noting down whatever happened. This will add value to the meditation process, as we can review the events and take appropriate action and stay in the present.
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    Meditation is become a need of hour in these days. Since all of us, somehow or other, running our day to day life with struggles, problems and worries. It is easy to point out or count out the persons without such problems, worries or struggles.
    Moreover if we go for suggestions from others we can get so many directions to have a meditation practice in our day. It is good to have the practice of meditation with a guide or Guru known to us. If we do not know any such person it is enough to think of a Guru and automatically the Guru will come to us.
    If no such person available, till that you can just sit in the lonely place of your house at least for half an hour daily initially as it can be raised further by further. You can chant any name of your interested God during your sitting for Meditation. It is good to sit in a regular time.

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    Daily morning I will be doing Sandhya Vandanam. While doing this I will be doing some prayer for 10 to 15 minutes by closing my eyes and concentrating on the prayer. No other thoughts will be allowed to come during this 10 to 15 minutes. That will give me complete relaxation and I feel fresh with that. I feel that is the way I meditate and I think many people from the Hindu religion may be doing the same only. Practising concentrating on an issue on a particular issue may be called meditation. We can do it in many ways as mentioned by the author.

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