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    Discontinuing Knowledge Centre award based competition

    Unfortunately we got a very poor response to the August 2023 KC award based competition with just two members participating. Hence there are no winners. However, points and cc too may be awarded to the entries as per the quality.

    Since this type of contest is not having takers, we are discontinuing it. Instead, we are planning to start a topic-based monthly contest, where we will give a single topic on which you submit write-ups. Wait for that announcement!
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    I think the discontinuation decision is a bit hasty.
    It is better to review and rethink and evaluate why the competition did not enthuse members to post content.

    I think the answer lies(in part) in the terms and conditions prescribed. They give very less flexibility to the members. It appears too much tight and made to order, for which not all members are capable. A few could have been discouraged by the specification that only one award will be given. Along with all these straightjacket conditions is another glaring fact that the payout ha not yet started and sill uncertain.

    Hence the competition is equally unattractive for both- specialized and general- members.

    Hence I suggest to seek more feedback from members and then take a decision.

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    If sufficient number of contributions are not coming then the whole purpose of the contest is defeated. I also feel that discontinuation of contest should be the last measure.
    I can suggest other alternative like floating many contests of different nature with less cc (30 to 40) and also giving some small cc (5 to 8) to a few of the runner ups.
    Vandana was doing that in ISC before ISC became a niche educational site. Those things were very popular and even those members who are not very expert in creative writing were participating in that.
    If that succeeds and attracts traffic then site might progress.

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    How to generate enthusiasm in the members is to be seen. I think many of the members who started contributing regularly also went back. I don't know the reasons for the same. The top bosses of the site should look into the reasons for that and see that more and more contributions will come. In that direction starting a topic-based monthly contest is a good idea and I think many members may show interest and participate.
    I also agree that discontinuing a competition is not the solution to attract more members. One should see the reason for no participation. Top bosses should take corrective actions if any so that another chance can be given to the members who are interested. Ultimately, if nothing works out, then the same can be discontinued. I think initially there should be some proper guidance and encouragement to the members. If the terms and conditions are very tight, many people may not show interest. If deletions are high also members may not show interest.

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