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    Why is it so difficult to change?

    Do you have complaints about many issues? If yes, you are not alone. We all complain at different times on different issues and we complain because we want things in a different way than they are at that period. Your complaint may be because of a faulty ticket-vending machine at a railway station and the next time you find the machine working satisfactorily you are a bit relieved though you may still have a complaint on a different issue. Some people are habituated to complain a lot and they may find fault in everything. The topic is not about those people or their complaints but how things do change. If there is faulty equipment, if a group of people are playing loud music in your vicinity, or if the condition of the road is poor you will get proper redress after a couple of complaints. But if you have complaints regarding the inherent nature of a person is it going to change easily even after so many complaints? For example, if a person tells lies at random is she/he going to change even if you express your displeasure? Or, if you find a person lazy and if you ask the person to discard laziness and become very active is it possible for the person to be active overnight?

    From my experience, I found it is quite difficult to change the inherent nature of a person and if our complaint is regarding changing the nature/behavior of a person it is quite difficult to experience that change. If you have a complaint regarding a specific person because of certain activities related to her/his nature it is easier to resolve if the person is replaced with a new one rather than trying to change the nature of that person.

    Why is it so difficult to change the inherent nature and how is your experience on such changes?
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    It is taught in basic science. That is called inertia.
    The definition of inertia is: he inability of a body to change 'by itself' its state of uniform motion or its state of rest.
    This scientific principle applies to our activities and behaviour also. It is not easy to to change (by) ourselves all that states and statuses we were in till then. So for change we need motivators, Mostly the motivating energy has to com from externally and in rare cases it comes from our own within if we are already wired for that by training and practice.
    That is why there is a great demand for motivational speakers and mentors and trainers.

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    As told by the author the complaining on others become a habitual in some persons. There are persons filing PIL, Public Interest Litigation freely. Sometimes such PILs have a real value but in some cases they just waste the time of court as no fruitful outcome we can get out of that.
    We can see in houses that some children often complaining on other children to the parents or teachers even on small matters. I had a small boy of such habit in my neighborhood and we all christened that boy as ' Complaint Master'.

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