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    India's comeback in exploration of Moon's south pole region

    After the failure of the Chandrayaan-2 mission for exploration of the Moon's south pole region, there appeared a setback in India's space program. But due to the encouragement and support from the Govt, as well as the relentless hard work of the scientists and staff of our space organization ISRO, another sequential project Chandrayaan-3 was conceived and the spacecraft was sent to the south pole region of the Moon to explore the presence of water and other important life elements in that unexplored region.
    Chandrayaan-3 has already collected a good amount of data from the Moon's surface in the region near the south pole and that will be shared with space scientists across the world laboratories who will study it and more information about the Moon will be available soon.
    Other countries like the US, Russia, and China have sent their spacecraft to the Moon in the past but they so far landed near the equatorial regions far from the Moon's poles, and from that perspective India's Chandrayaan-3 is the first of its kind.
    This success of India can be attributed to its willingness to learn from failures and make efforts to comeback to glory.

    This is my entry to the topic-based contest for September 2023.
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    That is true. ISRO has come back with a fighting spirit and made the moon mission a success. Many times I interacted with the scientists in ISRO. They work as a team and systematically. They never give up. The way they work is very good and their way of analysing the failures is unique.

    I hope that they will further progress and do many useful studies. Now ISRO is standing on its own and not asking for any funds from the government. They are earning a lot of foreign exchange by launching foreign satellites. I hope their experiments related to studies of SUN will also prove fruitful.

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