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    Sentence framing is compulsory requirement for learning any language

    Now days, mostly people are interested in learning 2-3 languages. I think for learning language alphabet, vocabulary as well as sentence framing. It is a compulsory requirement. Without it, you can't learn any language. When we add a small word then it's constructed in sentence form.

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    True. A well-framed sentence will be an attraction to the writing. This is very important for any good writer. In addition to that good vocabulary is also a fundamental requirement for writing better. Nowadays days we are getting help from software like Grammarly to get our mistakes corrected. But during the 1980s and 1970s, each student had to practice grammar to get a grip on the language. One should read and practice writing on his own as much as possible so that he will have a good grip on the subject.

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    That is very true. When we want to learn a language then initially we learn a few words and then the real challenge comes when we want to join them and make a sentence. If we do it as per the grammar of that language then there is no problem but if we just join them without that then though they will be able to convey the meaning but the person who is hearing them will immediately understand that this person is not knowing the language but trying to make out something just by using the words in some sequence.
    So joining them in a proper sequence is the art of learning that language which of course takes significant time.

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    The author is right. In almost all languages there are words with same meaning. We should never come to a wrong conclusion when we hear a word from one by keeping another word in our own mind. I happened to see in one house, a child was telling her mother who was in kitchen that a dog is entering by saying 'mummy, dog......' Immediately the mother got angry and thrown the ladle on the child by saying 'why you call me as dog?
    There are different situations explained by telling a same word.
    Moreover the communication in any language should be with some sort of special in nature. In Ramayana, Hanuman was called as 'expert in words'. When He reached Rama back after the searching Sita, He just uttered the word' Found....' then only he explained remaining story happened in the Lanka. This the writer denotes the expertise in Hanuman's word utterance. If Hanuman stars as 'Sita....'. , Rama would be in a tension what He was going to tell next.
    So if different words with same meaning known by an language learner the avoidance of confusion is possible.

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