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    Someone is always listening to you

    If you ever felt that their is no one listening to you, then you are totally wrong .Have you ever wondered it happens sometimes that you speak about something and the next moment your phone starting showing you articles, stories and research about the same. Isn't it strange?
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    Yes, it happens sometimes and some people attribute it to the telepathy or hidden links.
    It reminds me of a very peculiar thing that my grandmother used to tell. At that time she was cooking the food in wooden stove where wood was used to create fire.
    Sometimes the wood burnt with peculiar vibrations and flares and she commented that someone was remembering us and a guest might be there at any time.

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    It is correct even as per spiritually also. It has been told that some angels called 'Aswini Devas' roaming in the sky and have been instructed to utter the word 'Dathasthu' which means 'let it be so'. This makes our every word uttering become true irrespective of good or bad. That is what our elders used to say not to curse or scold or criticize anybody unnecessarily as there are high chances of getting approved by such Aswini Devas.

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    All our moments are watched by different people through the smartphone you are carrying with you in your hand. Google will be sending us memories of the past that might have been forgotten by us. So I say somebody is watching your actions and listening to your voice. You search for a particular subject on Google. We will receive three or four emails the next day related to our search.
    As mentioned by Ramachandran, we will be always under the surveillance of God. he will be watching every movement of us. We feel that nobody is looking at us. A cat while drinking milk closes its eyes and thinks that nobody is watching it. But it never knows that its eyes are closed but not the eyes of people around.
    So never think that nobody is listening or watching you. Keep thinking that you are under watch 24/7. Then you will be more safe and careful.

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