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    Taking care of health during change in season

    There are changes in the temperature and environment with the changing seasons round the year. We adapt to these changes by taking various measures like wearing woolens in the winter and by sitting under the shade or in cool places during summer. In the rainy season we protect ourselves using an umbrella or raincoat. So, we take a lot of care for the change in the season but change in the seasons is always a threat for our health because of the variation in temperature and other conditions in the surroundings where we live.
    Human health is a very delicate matter as it gets affected by the changes in the seasons. Though it differs from individual to individual and also depends on the immune system of an individual but generally during the change of season, people get a lot of infections or infestations by the prominent virus or bacteria prevalent in a particular season.
    We have to take care during the transition period from one season to another and take advice of our doctor in the matter. It is said that prevention is better than cure and it also works during such transitional stages.

    This is my first entry for the topic based forum contest for the month of December 2023.
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    When there is a change in the season, we will feel the change in our health. Hence we should be careful during those transition times and take precautions accordingly so that we will have normal health and need not worry much. Even clothing according to the season makes a lot of difference. We see many people carrying an umbrella in their car during summer and rainy seasons. This is to prevent themselves from the ill effects of heat and rain.

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    In Kerala no one can expect the rain, so, many people hold an umbrella with them always. I once went to Trissur saw many people holding umbrella with them even there was no rain at that time. I just comment on them mentally. But within a few seconds of my mental comment I found sudden drizzling which became a good rain. I got up wet in the rain as I was the only person without umbrella.
    Though our health or body condition tolerates the seasonal differences, we should not neglect the precautions and remedial measures.
    I normally hold the needy general medicines with me in a box so as to help in need not only for my family but also for neighbors.
    In summer it is good to keep all sweaters, mufflers, blankets and shawls in sunlight so as to avail their usages in forthcoming winter.

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