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    How many seasons do you clearly feel?

    In our younger days, we used to read that there are six seasons in India. These seasons are known as 'rhitu' in Sanskrit and in other Indian languages which have originated from Sanskrit. These six seasons (rhitus) are: Summer, Monsoon, Autumn, Pre-winter (Hemanta), Winter and Spring. In Bengali (which is my mother-language), these six seasons are: Greeshma, Varsha, Sharat, Hemanta, Sheet and Vasanta.

    However, in Delhi (where I now reside), people generally experience three seasons, i.e. Summer, Monsoon (which is very brief in this city) and Winter. In my locality, thanks to nature-conscious residents, we can feel the presence of spring also. But, we don't experience autumn and pre-monsoon seasons. The Bengalis living in Delhi realise that autumn has arrived due to Durgapuja, which is the biggest festival of Bengalis celebrated in autumn.

    I am interested to know from the villagers whether they can feel the arrival and presence of autumn, pre-monsoon and spring in their city nowadays. Or, are these three seasons only confined in the text-books of children?

    (I wrote this post for the contest, but did not post it due to my procrastination. Though the contest is over, I am posting it now. Hope the villagers would read it.)
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    As per our Hindu Panchangam, one year is divided into six Rutus ( Sanskrit / Telugu word for Seasons). Our Telugu year starts with Vasanta Rutuvu( Spring). Then comes Greeshma( Summer), Varsha( rainy), Sarad( Autumn), Hemant( winter), and Sisira Rutuvu ( winter).
    But in Hyderabad, we feel only two seasons which are summer and Rainy seasons. Summer season is an extended season for almost 9 months in a year. We may have rain for some two months. These days there is no winter it appears. No cold and no necessity to wear winter clothing. Only at night, we may require some bed sheets to cover ourselves and protect us from the cold. Winter is very limited and not even felt the presence of winter in Hyderabad. But in Bangalore, it is an extended winter.
    The day temperatures are always increasing and we know the reasons for this global warming.

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    There are many seasons in a year but as far as our perception is concerned most of us only feel change from hot to cold or cold to hot and of course there is the rainy season.
    In Southern India in many places we only feel the two seasons that is summer and rainy season.

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    In Kerala we distinctly feel just two seasons- the summer and the rainy season.
    Winter is not so marked here except that the nights may be relatively cooler and pleasant. But that lasts for only a few days really. Mainly it is summer season and rainy season.

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