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    Subtitles are a great help for enjoying movies in other languages

    There are a large number of good movies made in various languages but because of not knowing about a particular language people hesitate to see some of those good movies.
    Subtitles come to our rescue in such times and if subtitles are available for that movie then it becomes very easy to select that and the dialogues will be coming return on the screen. As I am not very well versed with the English pronunciation I had seen many good English movies by putting the subtitles on and I really enjoyed them.

    Have you ever tried putting the subtitles on for seeing other language movies? Please share your experiences.
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    That is true. When we understand the dialogues only we can enjoy the movie. If we don't know the language we can't enjoy much even though we follow the story. These subtitles will be helpful for us to understand the conversations and that will give us satisfaction. Last week I watched a Kannada Movie with subtitles on YouTube. I enjoyed that movie.

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    The black-and-white English movies made from 1935 to 1955 generally have a strong storyline, suspense, and charm and I have seen a few of them just because subtitles are available and it becomes easy to follow the story.

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    I totally agree. I have watched a lot of really good movies as well as Web series thanks to the English sub-titles. These include Bengali, South Indian and international movies in Italian. Last month I saw the movie Sudani from Nigeria on Netflix. Don't miss this charming film!

    In fact, even when watching English movies, we put on the sub-titles because in some dialogues we cannot understand what is said due to the British or American accent.

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