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    Remote comedy because of a remote

    Remote is normally to control the volume of television or to change the channel in television. But it makes our family members to remember the remote always.
    Once I went to Salem with my wife for consulting a doctor. We stayed in the house of one of our co-brother. My co brother told me that he would take me to the doctor in his scooter by that evening.
    In the afternoon another co-brother phoned me that he would bring his car for taking us to the doctor. We said yes. In the evening by watching television we were waiting for that co-brother. By hearing his car horn, we suddenly move down to the car by saying bye to my wife and his sister.
    We by casually talking went to the doctor's clinic and after consultation etc., we return home after taking some tea etc., When we enter into the house my sister-in-law and my wife banged us for keeping the remote control of television somewhere. As the television found disturbance for their talking they searched for remote. Then my co-brother asked her why she did not call over mobile and by saying this he took his mobile from his pant packet but found that he took the remote in his packet instead of his mobile. Everybody burst into laughter.
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    Indeed a nice family drama! Nowadays, television remote has become as essential gadget of our life, especially for the home-makers during the evening. They never tolerate misplacing the television remote at the time/just before their favourite serial.
    "Tera chehra kitna suhana lagta hain; Tere aage chand purana lagta hain"--Kaif Bhopali

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    A good submission. In our house, we will not allow children to use mobiles. So my 2nd grandaughter takes the TV remote and shows this to others as her phone and she presses the numbers on the remote and pretends as if she is talking to somebody over the phone.
    These days we have remotes for almost all electrical appliances. Even our car doors opening and closing is by remote only. Fans and lights are also operated using remotes and hence the use of remotes is increasing. So people should be more careful while lifting their phone while going out from the tables in the house. That may be a remote also.

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    An interesting incident narrated. Such things happen. In fact it was to happen to me once, but my vigilant and cautious wife thwarted it by alerting me before I left home.

    (Ramachandran, the link you have given at the contest announcement page is not opening this page. Please review and rectify. Hence I came to this page by direct search from index)

    If we are alert and vigilant and avoid hurry then chances of such happenings can be remote

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    Very interesting post. Keeping the remote in pocket in place of mobile phone is a hilarious action.

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