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    A tourist can visit a beautiful remote place also!

    In every country there are some famous and popular tourist places. Not only the domestic tourists but also the tourists from foreign countries visit such places of interest. It is always a pleasant experience to visit such places and enjoy the trip. Tourism is a good source of revenue generation for many countries in the world.
    Apart from that there are some remote places which are not famous but having very beautiful landscapes and natural beauty. Those who adore natural beauty and want to enjoy the calm and quite atmosphere can plan to visit such remote places in our country. There might not be very modern facilities in those places but one can get guest house or some accommodation like that for staying there for a few days. In my opinion it is worth to visit such places.
    This is my entry for the theme based contest for the month of February 2024.
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    In earlier days, in the absence of the Internet and social media, we were not getting any information about remote areas where there were worthy places to visit. But now we are getting information about very interior places also and they are becoming famous and becoming easily reachable places. After reading this post I thought I should mention my experience in this connection.
    Recently I went to my native place. My wife while going through Facebook came to know about a temple near to that place. I was born and brought up there but I never heard about it. We both visited that place and we saw that temple. The priest in the temple mentioned that people started coming to that place after that Facebook post and now autos started coming to that place and an RTC bus also is running now.
    Definitely we can visit remote places also if we have interest, money and time to visit places.

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    An excellent post by the author.Yes, a remote place can also be visited by a tourist and he would definitely enjoy the serene beauty of that place, if he is capable of doing so.

    Long back, while going to Darjeeling, a friend of mine and I went to a small and beautiful place named Lepchajagat. There was no specific reason behind visiting the place. We went there only because the name attracted us.

    Now this once peaceful place is being converted into a tourist place.

    I described the event in a small writing on another site. Link is given below. Interested readers may read the small post of mine.

    Title: On those days, I used to get down from the train (Link:

    "Tera chehra kitna suhana lagta hain; Tere aage chand purana lagta hain"--Kaif Bhopali

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