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    Curious case of disappearance of Dan Cooper

    On the afternoon of 24th November, 1971, an ordinary man calling himself Dan Cooper approached the ticket counter of the Portland, Oregon airport. The man used cash to buy a one-way ticket on Flight 305 to Seattle, Washington.

    Dan Cooper was a man in his mid-40s with a calm demeanour. In the airport, he was dressed in a business suit, complete with a black tie and white shirt. While waiting for his flight to depart, he ordered a bourbon and soda.

    Shortly after 3:00 p.m. inside the plane, he silently handed a note to the flight attendant, revealing that he had a bomb in his briefcase and requested her company. The flight attendant, needless to say, was stunned and complied. Cooper opened a basic briefcase, briefly showing her wires and red sticks inside, and instructed her to deliver his demands to the pilot.

    The attendant soon delivered a note to the plane's captain, requesting four parachutes and $200,000 in twenty-dollar bills.

    Upon landing in Seattle, Cooper, the hijacker, traded thirty-six passengers for the money and parachutes, retaining a few crew members. The aircraft then set off again, bound for Mexico City.

    In a daring move between Seattle and Reno, around 8:00 p.m. that night, Dan Cooper leaped from the plane with the money and a parachute.

    The crew landed safely later, but Cooper vanished into the darkness, his fate remains unknown even today.

    The FBI was alerted mid-flight and initiated a comprehensive investigation named NORJAK, for Northwest Hijacking. This investigation involved interviewing numerous people, following leads throughout the USA, and examining the hijacked aircraft for clues.

    After five years of intensive investigation, over 800 suspects were considered, narrowing down to just two dozen by the FBI.

    The case remains one of the most infamous unsolved mysteries in FBI history. Despite extensive investigations and countless theories, Cooper's true identity and fate have never been definitively determined.
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    This is a very strange case of disappearing in air. He must be a very intelligent person that after landing down with a parachute he might got disguised in some form and moved through the crowd to a decided destination and living their with some earlier identity which helped him to be out of all doubts.
    An interesting post.

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    Since 1971, thousands of theories have been propagated to explain the disappearance of D.B. Cooper or Dan Cooper. There have been many rumours that Cooper was sighted in different places, but nothing could be proved. In 2016, FBI announced that it was closing its investigation into the case, citing the lack of new leads and the passage of time. However, FBI noted that it would continue to review any credible evidence that emerged in the future.
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