Ritchie Street filled with surveillance camera

Ritchie Street is the major trading spot for the electronic items. All types of Electronic items will be available in Ritchie Street. Based on the growth of this shopping zone, Chennai Police has come up with some security measures to help Ritchie Street shopkeepers. This article provides information about the camera set up for Surveillance in Ritchie Street in Chennai.

Ritchie Street filled with surveillance camera

Ritchie Street Chennai Crowded
Most of the places in Chennai are given good protection by the Chennai government based on the movement of people and crowd there. As we all know, Ritchie Street is one of the most important spot for electronic items in Chennai. There are no electronic items that are not available in Ritchie Street. This Ritchie street is located in Anna Salai near Chintadripet. Daily we can see thousands of people waking in and out of Ritchie Street. It is highly necessary that the place should be given extra protection. Also there were some recent issues in the Ritchie street. There is also a Police assistance booth installed in that area which takes care of the activities out there. There are nearly 42 CCTV cameras installed all around the Ritchie Street to look after the people who are moving there. Cameras are also installed in the streets that cover that area. It is also said that the place will be manned round the clock by three police men. The police booth in the Ritchie Street was inaugurated by the commissioner of police.

It can also be said that Chennai is developing in terms of utilizing of the new technologies. Also the government is also implementing new technologies in keeping the public under control. Just because Ritchie Street is a very big commercial Zone in Chennai, it obviously needs the police protection given by Chennai police department. The Local Traders Association has donated all the cameras that are installed in the Ritchie Street. Along with this there will also be other places in Chennai zone which will be taken can and given protection with the help of surveillance camera. The cameras will prevent the public from involving of unwanted activities and thefts. The incidents that recently happened in Ritchie Street have given a way to this installation.

Shops in Ritchie StreetThe work for the police man is also allocated based on the necessity as three police men will take care of the area by working in eight hours shifts. The control room is set up in such a way that the police man in control room can have a look in three different monitors where the camera is viewed in small displays. The data that is monitored will also be recorded in Hard disk such that when a theft happens or any complaint is raised, the notice will be sent to the police department and the stored videos can be viewed. There are more than 1000 shopkeepers there in Ritchie Street who are dependent on their electronic business. These shopkeepers are owning the shops and performing the business for several decades and in the past five years also there were many new shops emerged in Ritchie Street.

When we look for the history of the place, we can see that there are nearly 5 shops opened in the year 1970 for the electronic items and later on this drastic development took place. This installation of the cameras will be very useful for the electronic traders to keep their goods safe from thefts. A small survey of the place states that there are nearly 40,000 to 50,000 visitors to Ritchie Street daily. This crowd is nearly equivalent to the Ranganathan Street in T Nagar. Specifically the visitors are not only from Tamilnadu and Chennai city but also the tourists and various people from other parts of India also trade here. Because of this heavy crowd, some of the streets are also made a one way.

This installing of the cameras in various parts of Chennai Ritchie Street was also welcomed by the shopkeepers and the traders. They are happy with this set up as the cameras prevent the shopkeepers from losing any goods because of thefts. The development of this place was done in the recent years. Although the place is drastically improving, the growth was not achieved as expected because of the sales tax. Between the years 1980 and 1990 it is registered that there were 125 new inclusions of shops in Ritchie Street Chennai. Later after that the sales tax was dropped to 2 % and then the central sales tax to 1 % from nearly 12 %. This gave a very good improvement and growth in the shops and also in the business.

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