Culture and traditional practices on Margazhi month in Chennai

Margazhi month is considered to be the most beautiful and significant month according to the Hindu methodology. There are various traditional and cultural practices followed during this month with great significance. This article will provide complete details about the series of events and practices during the month of Margazhi.

Culture and traditional practices on Margazhi month in Chennai

There are various cultural traditions that are followed all over Chennai by the Hindus. Margazhi month is considered to be the most special month of all the other months as this month is the morning time of Devas and Gods. There are also various other poojas and aradhanas are done for the Hindu gods during this period. As a part of various culture and traditional activities during the month of Margazhi, the following are more famous.

Music Festival Season commencing
Rendering Thiruppaavai in Temples
Special Pooja in Temple for all gods
Vaigunda Yeghadhasi Festival of Vaishnavas
Ayyappan Pooja in Temples
Kolam Festivals and Decorations
Upanyasams in Temples and other places

Music Festival Season in Chennai

December and January is considered to be festival season in Chennai as there will be lots of music events going on all over Chennai. Music as the saints say has originated from Vedas. This divide music got its base from Sama vedha. The latest modern science has also proved the specialty of Music as it provides good healing to the people. In today's world music is also used for therapy in treating various mind related diseases. It is also said that music has a capacity to reduce the stress of human mind. December month second half and January month first half is called as Margazhi month which is supposed to be the Morning time of the Devas and Gods of Hindu religion. This is the reason why this period is considered to be more divine for the Hindu Gods. The Hindu gods become more happy to hear beautiful songs during the month of Margazhi. This is the reason why music is given more importance during the month of Margazhi all over Tamilnadu. There will be lots of Kacheries booked prior to the Margazhi month. Almost all the Music sabhas will be full with continuous music Kacheries.

Rendering Thiruppaavai in Temples

Margazhi month is considered to be the best time of Music rendering in Tamilnadu. As a part of the culture and tradition of Tamilnadu, during the Margazhi month people get up early in the morning and sing Thiruppaavai and Thiruvambavai songs to please Lord Vishnu who is the protector. As per the Tamil culture and tradition Thiruppaavai songs are sung in the temples of Lord Vishnu along with other Pasurams on Lord Vishnu. This is done during the early morning time. There are totally 30 Thiruppaavai songs each for one day for the whole month. After the rendering of these divine hymes there, the prashaadham is also distributed to all the people who come to temple. This is done as a practice in the temples for more than 1000 years. Even though people are very busy with their daily schedules they manage to follow this tradition as a part of their day to day activity.

Special Pooja and Abhishega for Gods in Temple

In many temples there will be various planning to celebrate this margazhi month. Most of the temples will plan for various activities or series of activities during this month. In most of the temples there will also be Kacheries and dance programs scheduled during this month. Apart from the regular programs that are scheduled there will also be various competitions conducted all over the city to motivate the young generation. The gods in the temple will be done different decorations each day for the whole month. Also the decorated gods will be brought as a oorvalam to the places near the temple for the people to worship the god from their house. People will also perform arthi to the gods when they come to their house. Actually this event is considered as bringing the Hindu gods to our house which is very special for the people of Chennai.

Vaigunda Yeghadhasi Festival of Vaishnavas

This is yet another special function for the Hindus and especially for the Vaishnavas. During this very occasion, people get up early in the morning and perform special poojas for the gods and visit temples. Visiting temple during this day is very special day for the Vaishnavas. The reason behind this is because there will be a door opened during this day in the temples which is considered to be the open gate for Vaigundam. People rush to temples to go through the door to and get the glory and blessings of Lord Vishnu.

Poojas for Lord Ayyappan in Temples

This Margazhi month is not only famous for various other activities; it is also a good time for the Ayyappan Bhakthas to visit Sabari Malai. As a part of the preparation of going to Sabari Malai, the Bhaktas will be wearing a Maalai to show that they are going to go to Sabari Malai Soon. Wearing of that Maalai involves various rules and regulations to be followed strictly on the food item restrictions, daily poojas and temple visits. During this very season people will be strictly more hygienic to offer their prayers to the gods. There will be special poojas done in various temples for Lord Ayyappan. Lord Ayyappan is also called as Sastha or Sabari by the devotees. We can see lots of people wearing black or blue cloths representing their devotion to the Sastha.

Kolam Festivals and decorations

Kolam is a very beautiful way of expressing our culture and tradition practice to the other people. Kolam is a traditional practice that is done daily in front of the house by the ladies in the house. These Kolams usually represent certain things that add glory to the house. On each great occasion and festival days people decorate their houses with various types of Kolams. The beauty to the house is also decided by the Kolam that is drawn in front of the house. During the month of Margazhi the ladies in the house decide on what needs to be done for whole 30 days, plan accordingly and do a colorful Kolam each and every day in the house. Usually the Kolam decoration is done during the early morning time or the previous night. In some regions of Chennai and Tamilnadu, there will also be competitions related to Kolam where people will be rewarded for best Kolams.

In ancient India people used to collect colors from the plant extracts for decorating the house with Kolam but later this idea of collecting colors from plants was stopped after the change in the practice of culture and traditions. These colors from the plant extracts also had medicinal significance. Nowadays the colors that are used in Kolam decorations are the one that are made of chemicals.

Upanyasams in various temples and places in Chennai

Upanyasam is basically called as the Divine talk or speech rendered by various great persons who have vast knowledge on Vedanthas, Shastras, Puranas etc. Upanyasams are conducted as a part of the series of functions that are done in the temples during the month of Margazhi. Upanyasams will be scheduled each day in the Margazhi month along with the music festivals. Usually in Upanyasams speaker decides about a topic and speaks and educates people about that particular topic. The topic can be anything like Idhihasa Purana, Vedas, Shastras, Mahabharatha or Ramayana. This can also be a small part of the story explained in an elaborate manner from the great epics of India such as Mahabharatha or Ramayana or Bhagavath Gita. At the end of the Upanyasam there will also be Prasaadham distributed to the people who attended this.


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