The Good Life Centre in Tambaram Chennai

This article provides details about Good Life Centre in Tambaram Chennai. This is a place for orphan kids taken care by a set of dedicated people. There are many people who are contributing to this wonderful place for the betterment of the orphan kids. Find more details about Good Life Centre in Tambaram Chennai in this article.

Good Life Centre in Tambaram Chennai

The Good Life Centre in Tambaram Chennai
In the year 1996, a non-religious, non-profitable, non-governmental social service organisation was established. Its only aim was to provide service to all those who are needy. The founder K.Baskaran started his service after getting impacted by a child down the street. He started taking care of that kid and slowly the organisation has improved and there are nearly 150 children in the home. The Good Life Centre takes care of abandoned children, orphans, old people, physically challenged children, mentally challenged children and destitute people. They help them in all aspects and the objective of the organisation is to protect the people and do more service and thereby reducing the number of people living in the streets without proper care.

Details of The Good Life Centre Organisation in Chennai

Good Life Centre was registered as a non-profitable charity social service centre in the year 1996 under the TamilNadu Government. They are registered under the juvenile justice; central Government of India; Person with Disability act and the National trust. The vision of the organisation is to see to that children live in a society which provides education and where they are not exploited. They dream to provide education, shelter and protection to all those who are in a helpless situation. They are striving to mitigate the reason causing women and children living in the streets. They find ways to provide them a find a good living, improve their self-confidence and their living standards. The organisation has fixed its mission to provide love, care and help to see their inmates live a full life within a family atmosphere. They not only help them live, but they help them make a living i.e, live as an individual leading a prosperous life.

Image from Good Life Center in Tambaram Chennai Good life centre has bulleted their objectives as follows,

• To meet the needs and provide education in the nearby schools and colleges of orphans and single parented children who are helpless.
• To provide training to the children and youth to improve their skills.
• To provide proper training to the care takers in the home.
• To take care of the health and be affectionate to the abandoned mentally and physically challenged children, elderly people, etc.
• To help in providing the children who pass out of the home a proper life so that they can make their own living.

The Facilities in Chennai Good Life Center

The home initially started with a single room and has now developed and owns two residential buildings for their inmates. The children who are helped are picked from poor families who hardly have a living. In the year 1999 the centre concentrated in providing education for all the children as only education could give them the self-confidence to live. The best service and wealth for these children is the education that they provide. After they realised the need for education to fulfil their future needs, the home started educating the kids with several schemes.

The children are sent to the local schools and they go to school with the help of care takers. The children are also helped at home with the studies. For the students who are going to write their public exam, there are a lot of coaching classes and motivation speeches. They also arrange for training classes even during the school holidays. All the children who are capable of getting above 60 percent in their exams are sent to the 12th classes. The rest of them are sent to professional courses so that they can make use of the training to make their living. The organisation does not drop them but they guide them for their employment needs. All the children are sent to schools nearby. They choose private or Government aided schools. The evening tuitions are taken by private teachers. The members of the organisation maintain a whole track of their academic performances and help the kids with their daily school activities. The centre has a good library, a properly maintained study room.

The children living there are provided with clean living space, food, education, recreation, extra- curricular activity training and much more. The children have proper nutritious food after consulting with the dietician. The children also have regular medical check-up to take care of their health by the medical officers in the home and also by the volunteering doctors. Any illness is treated immediately and cured. The children get real love and care which makes them feel at home. They are taught proper values and respect just as in our homes.

How to Help Good Life Centre in Tambaram Chennai

Good Life Centre Image
There are several ways to help and donate to the children in the Good Life Centre. All the donations are tax exempted. The schemes are explained here, so that the readers can have the feel of doing some good for the needy.

• Gift of education or Vidya dhanam – the best help that anybody can do is to provide education to those who can't have the facility. To donate for the children in the Good Life Centre all we have to do is to pay Rs.750 for a month. The scheme can also be made for Rs.9000 per year. To provide education is to give a gift for the whole life of a child is the best donation.

The Good Life centre members have also laid down a set of other gifting options under Vidya dhanam scheme. One can gift a school bag by paying Rs.150, a school uniform set for a child by paying Rs.350 or a school footwear for Rs.250. It is also possible to pay a whole school package for Rs.2000 where all these are included. They would accept a donation of Rs.20000 for buying a computer for their study place or Rs.10000 for the development of the school facilities. A donation of Rs.3000 per month will pay the salary of the teachers guiding them.

• Anna Dhanam is providing good food for the inmates. Some people believe that service for hunger is the best donation. The Good Life centre accepts Rs.1000 for a bag of rice and Rs.1500 for the groceries and other needs of a day. The donors can specify the day and occasion on which they would like to give anna dhanam. We can also provide a day's breakfast by paying Rs.20000 and Rs.30000 for lunch. We would have to pay Rs.50000 for a full day's food counter.
• To sponsor for food and education inclusive of medical issues, nutritious food, education, clothes, maintenance and other needs. For a child Rs.12000 per year or Rs.1000 per month is accepted from a sponsor. Food as already said will include nutritious, simple and Hygienic food inclusive of milk, fruits, ghee. Maintenance includes the electric bill, building maintenance, water etc. Clothes include all needs of the child including night wear, slippers, sweaters etc. The sponsor will be informed about the academic status of the child and also the needs.
• Child sponsorship by providing infant care for Rs.3000 till the age of three. Sponsoring education for a child for a year requires Rs.6000 and providing education and food for a child requires Rs.12000. A one-time sponsorship till the 12th standard for a child requires Rs.24000. To sponsor a child for both education and maintenance we would have to pay Rs.48000. This is also till the 12th standard of the child.
• Medical help can be provided by paying Rs.500 per day for general medical deeds. An amount of Rs.1000 per annum for an infant or mentally retarded child will also take care of their medical need. We can also choose to pay Rs.5000 per annum for elders at the home.
• The Good Life Centre has about 45 mentally retarded children and 25 old mothers. They are all living in a leased building. The children are waiting to be shifted to a better place. The building is in the starting stages and is situated in Mannivakkam village. The land spread is 0.25 acres. The building is built to hold 150 members altogether. Charity is the best way to worship God, God loves those who love and share. One can pay as small as Rs.1500 to help build one square foot of the building. This house is planning to include all facilities such as separate medical centre, training centre, computer centre etc. Any sponsor for the building is accepted and with the help of all donors the Good Life Centre is waiting to develop progressively. The members of the centre are planning to hold in the house atleast 100 mentally retarded kids who are abandoned by their families and also 50 old mothers who without care will be left alone till their death.

The mind of service emerged as a small spark for the founder Baskaran and has helped him grow his service to an extent of serving so many children who are in need. It would be worthy helping the kids and the members to serve the kids with whatever we can because helping the needy in time is the best ever way to receive the blessings of God. It will never be difficult to save a small amount on a daily basis to help these kids.


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