Languages spread in the State of Goa

Goa is a diversified state when considered from the languages point of view. People in Goa speak multiple languages. However, Konkani is the official language for the peoples of Goa. There are various other common and adapted languages spoken and written by peoples of Goa.

There are various languages spoken in Goa. Goa was earlier considered as a union territory. Later it was converted and one of the states of India. Being an Indian state, most of the peoples of Goa know Hindi. As English is also a common language in India, almost every educated people speak English. Goa was under the rule of Portuguese government until 1961. Due to that reason all the elderly citizens of Goa speak Portuguese very well even now. All these languages may be foreign languages, but there are some major languages that are spoken by peoples of Goa currently. It is nothing but the Konkani and Marathi. The official language that is educated to the children of Goa schools is Marathi. However Konkani is also an official language of Goa. But Konkani is considered as the official spoken language that may be learnt as second language in schools.

For the reason of the historical changes, Goa is a land people speaking diversified languages. The reason for the language diversification is the influence of various peoples obtaining asylum to Goa from different nativity, creed, culture and race. The Script that is used for writing the Konkani language is, 'Devangiri Script'. Some of the supplementary languages used in the state of Goa are Urdu, Kannada, and Marathi. A significant sum of people in the state of Goa use Hindi and Gujarati as the oral languages.

If a rough count for the number of languages spoken in the state of Goa is calculated, the total will summarize the following six languages included in it. English, Portuguese, Konkani, Hindi, Gujarati and Marathi are those languages.

English – Global language

As English is an accepted global language, knowing to speak and write
English becomes a must for people of every country. Goa is a state with a lot of places that foreigners wish to visit in their leisure days. As travelers from various places make a trip to Goa in their vacation time, English plays a major role in this state. English is the most comfortable traveler's-affable medium for communication.

Hindi – Indian National language

India is a country with unity in diversity. Thus Hindi is the most common language that unites the peoples in various states of India. Even though it is a language that only educated people of the country know, it is easy to interact with Hindi as a medium for interaction.

Portuguese – Sway language till 1961

Portugal domination prevailed in Goa in olden days. In that time people were influenced with and compelled to use only the Portuguese language. It was the official language before. Though Goa is set free from the Portugal governance from 1961, the language still exists in the state of Goa with the people of earlier generations. Forefathers of today's students know and even teach it to young ones in their family.

Gujarati – Refugee language

People from Gujarat shifted their life to Goa for various reasons like earth-quake. They came to Goa as refugees. As they started settling in Goa, they also spread the Gujarati language to the people of Goa. Now, not only the refugees those who colonized from Gujarat speak their language. But also many other people of Goa got adapted to the Gujarati language.

Marathi – Adopted language (from Maharashtra)

Same like how Gujarati got adapted to the people of Goa, Marathi also came into practice gradually. Maharashtra being the neighbor state of Goa, spread its native language 'Marathi' to peoples of Goa.

Konkani – Native language of Goa

Konkani endures in Goa by sacred cram at domiciles of peoples in Goa. Konkani is mainly used in Goa temples and holy books. It is spoken in public places like villages and other rural areas. Priests of Goa preach in Konkani language.


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