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The Best Background School

RiverDale International School is a New Age school for Boys and Girls. It is affiliated to 'The University of Cambridge'. The School stands for the Motto "TRUTH ALWAYS, KNOWLEDGE FOREVER".

Situated on the top of a beautiful hill and from far, it is truly picturestic, spread over 50 picturesque acres, RiverDale is the most sought after Residential School in India today. For those of you, who would like to visit the place, its just 3 kilometers from Mulshi Dam, only approx 3 hours away from Mumbai and half an hour from Pune, connected by the Mumbai Pune expressway.

The school is located in picturesque surroundings, atop a hill. The school aims to provide stress free education to the child.

Address – Riverdale International Residential School
Village Rawade, Taluka Mulshi,
District – Pune – 412 108,
riverdaleintl@hotmail.com, admission@rispune.com
Tel Nos : 91 020 - 3254 4965 / 3294 0442.

The School is adjacent to the Mahindra United World College and is in close proximity to other reputed educational institutions such as the Symbiosis Institutes and the Mercedes Benz School.

The School located in the midst of lush green hills, flora and overlooking the river, makes it so Beautiful and Splendid that the Child is Nourished by a confluence of Learning and Nature making it a Perfect Environment to Nurture a Youth into a Mature, Dynamic Adult of tomorrow.

Curriculum / Board

ICSE, IGCSE. Students can choose between the two boards when they enter Grade 9.
RIS is an English – medium school offering the ICSE and ISC curriculum. Admissions are open to qualified students at all grade levels from Standards 1 to 12. The school academic calendar commences from May and the school year ends in April. However admission enrollments begin from November.

• To Train a New Generation of Youth who will excel Morally and
• To Create a Generation of World Citizens dedicated to serving Humanity.
• To Emphasize Understanding over mere accumulation of Information.

The School's focus is on "Student Learning" and efforts are geared towards building a strong learning community of staff and students. It seeks to provide quality education to its students and instill into its Students the Spirit to Compete and the Capacity to excel.

The School has brilliantly incorporated Community Service in their Curriculum through regular Visits to villages, orphanages etc, with the endeavor to build Citizens who are committed to Serving Humanity.

RiverDale International School is well known for its Strong Academic Program, Excellent Sports and Residential Facilities and Well Qualified Faculty.


The approach at RIS, is to Encourage Student Initiative in the learning process so that the student becomes an Independent and Life Long Learner. The Teaching Methods in the school are structured to foster a Love for Learning.

The approach to Education is thus participative and enquiry-based and promotes a Healthy Interaction between the teachers and their students.
The development and progress of each student is reported to parents regularly at the regular PTA meetings. The education of students is largely founded on Indian values, with awareness and appreciation for western progress and development.

Co-Curricular activities include Debates, Public-Speaking, Elocution, Quiz, Theatre Arts, Music and Vocational Training along with participation in Inter-School Competitions and associating with other schools in the region.

Annual Day Functions, Sports Day activities and other periodic school events ensure student participation at all levels. The following facilities have been provided for achieving All Round Excellence in Education;
1. Spacious Classrooms
2. Multi-Media Computer Laboratories
3. Well equipped science laboratories for Physics, Chemistry and Biology
4. Arts and Crafts Studio
5. Large Library
6. Music Hall with practice rooms
7. Audio-Visual Room for computer aided classroom Instructions.
8. Auditorium
9. Amphitheatre


Students' Well-Being and sense of Comfort are Top Priorities at RiverDale International Residential School. The Dormitories where the students stay, is like a 'Home Away from a Home' where there is Cleanliness, Relaxing, Socializing and Studying facilities.

Each dormitory is headed by a House-Parent living within the Dormitory Premises. They are responsible for creating a Family Environment with Loving Supervision and Guidance, to the students. There are presently 5 Dormitories, which are uniquely named after an Individual Virtue; Fellowship, Unity, Harmony, Peace and Wisdom.

Each floor of the Dormitory has a Lounge and a Recreation room. The toilet block of the Dormitories has western-style toilets and bathroom with hot water facilities. Dorm-Parents take Personal Interest to oversee the Academic progress and Overall development of the students.


A Modern and Spacious Kitchen serves both Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian Food starting from the ethnic Indian cuisine of rice, dal, roti, and vegetables to typical Punjabi favorites like tandoori chicken, mutton, etc. Seasonal fruits, variety of salad, sweet dishes and ice-creams, along with cool milk shakes makes up a healthy school diet. Riverdale Food Services caters a well balanced meal for everyone.

The Fortnightly Menu is comprehensive and provides a variety of delicious food. Emphasis is laid on keeping the Kitchen area Clean. The Vegetarian cooking area is entirely Separated from the Non-Vegetarian. Chinese and Western meals are served twice a week. The food served is Healthy, Wholesome and Nutritious.

All students take their meals in a separate Dining Hall. Utmost care is taken to maintain an immaculately Clean and Hygienic Food preparation area. Here also, the students are monitored by their respective Dorm Parents to each every type of vegetable and fruit, avoid wastage of food and carry their own plates to the wash trays after they finish eating.

On Saturdays and Sundays, the students are allowed to avail of a well stocked Tuck Shop where they get an outlet for spending on fast Food Items, quick Bites, Snacks, Beverages, Personal Items, etc. The Cafeteria serves as a meeting point for parents and children, whenever permitted by the School Management.


RiverDale International Residential School has an Infirmary which provides for the immediate medical needs of the students. An experienced, round the clock Medical Nurse closely monitors all the Health Issues. The School has a visiting Doctor, coming in thrice a week, to attend to ailing students and to assist the Nurse in Routine Medical Checks. In case of emergencies, students are taken in the school ambulance to a Pune City hospital and the parents or guardians are immediately intimated.


 Spacious Classrooms
 2 Multi-Media Computer Laboratories
 Well equipped science laboratories for Physics, Chemistry and Biology
 Arts and Crafts Studio
 Large Library
 Music Hall with practice rooms
 Audio-Visual Room for computer aided classroom Instructions
 Auditorium
 Amphitheatre
 Ambulance Service
 Dispensary
 Dormitory
 Cricket Academy
 Two Tennis Courts
 Two Basket Ball Courts
 Volley Ball Court
 Rrecreation room
 A fully furnished gym
 FootBall Ground
 Horseback Riding Paddock and Trail
 Swimming Pool


RiverDale International Residential School own a campsite at Khopoli spread over 6 acres of land. Nestled among the hills of the Sahyadri Range, the campsite is fully equipped to cater to 60 people at a time.

The site has an area allocated for tents with attached toilets and hot water. The large covered gazebo is a favourite among the youngsters for evening entertainment and dancing. With a spacious dining hall, a huge guest house and swimming pool, the campsite blends luxury with adventure appealing to every taste. The heavy duty generator also guarantees electricity and water at all times.

Activities like Burma Bridge Crossing, Rappelling, Archery, Rain dance and Rifle shooting make this experience a memorable one for all who have come here. A huge natural lake in the wooded vicinity allows swimming and the hills are a trekker's paradise. Experts are called in to provide the necessary guidance and teach students various skills involved in each of the activities. Students are taken on Camps once every semester.


Music, as a soothing art form, is encouraged at RiverDale. It has a fully equipped large music hall with 8 sound-proof individual practice rooms attached to it. Students are also encouraged to form their own band groups. A good number of students sit for the Associated Board of the Royal School of Music Examinations (UK) every year.


Mr. Farhang Azar is the Founder of this Wonderful School. With a Heart of Gold, he has built his Dream School into a Truly Incredible Residential School with his Warmth and Affection. The School is not only known for its Beauty and Quality Education, but also for its All Round Balanced Education. Farhang Sir, studied in a boarding school, and since then he has envisioned to build his own School and thus came into existence Riverdale International Residential School, a School which is an Institute of his dreams.


The Current Principal of the School is Mr. Payam Shoghi. He is a very learned person with a past experience of 20 years in the education field. He is constantly Motivating the students towards achieving higher and higher grades in their Results. He has introduced so many reforms in the Education System at Riverdale, with Weekly Tests, Surprise Tests, Appraisal Tests, Counseling. Due to his constant endeavor to encourage the students to study and excel in their results, the average grades of the students have now crossed 80%.

His specialty has been the ability to inspire Innovation and Creativity among his teachers to help the students realize their diverse talents and improve on their potentialities. According to Mr. Payam Shoghi, the advantage of Riverdale being a Residential School, enables the staff to have a full–time access to students. He always advises his students and tells them that "Each and Every Experience at RiverDale whether big and small is a Learning Moment for them".

The students are strongly influenced by his invaluable teachings and directions and his gentle and friendly approach towards them, the results of which are being seen in the higher grades and the competitive and participating spirit of each and every student in Riverdale.

One of the Principal's most Successful Motivation endeavors has been the creation of a 'PRINCIPAL'S ROLL OF HONOUR' Award. This award encourage the students to excel in their Academics. Students who fulfill the following criteria have the privilege to be listed in the Principal's Roll of Honour after every Terminal Examination:
• An aggregate of 85% which includes all assessments during the course of
the year.
• The student should not be involved in any case of academic dishonesty.
• The student should not have less than 60% in any subject.

The winning students enjoy certain Privileges which includes Dinners with the Principal, Special Outings, Self-Study Privileges, etc. The names of these students are also put up on the 'Merit Board' for the duration of the whole academic year. This gives a Mammoth Boost to the Morale of the student.


Mr. Shaikh Murad Sarfraz, formerly Dean of RIS, has now been appointed as the New Vice Principal. Mr. Murad is known for his Disciplinary measures, which has enormously helped in shaping the Personality and Character of the students. He also oversees the Up-keeping of the Dorms where the students reside, their Personal Hygiene and Health and Fitness. The Dorm Parents also report to him and he makes sure that proper attention is given to each student in the Dorm.

He is also instrumental in helping the students in preparing for their various contests like Debates, Elocutions etc.


RIS is selective with its staff as the Importance of Good Staff cannot be stressed enough.

All Teachers are Qualified, Experienced and receive the benefit of Regular Seminars and In-House Training Programmes. The teachers and students share a close knit group. The teachers share such a friendly relationship with the students and are always giving them Moral Support, Confidence and help to guide their young and vibrant minds in the Right Direction.

Staff are expected to act as 'Role Models' in every way, to the students.


Riverdale is know for its Strong Philosophy of creating an Environment of Mutual Trust, Support and Caring towards each other.
1. The students are taught that as members of a community they should
avoid wasteful or excessive spending or use of resources.
2. The students are encouraged to develop an Attitude of Service to Others.
3. The school ensures to maintain a Good Moral Conduct and Behavior in
their students.
4. The students are encouraged to go beyond the basic Academic Development
and excel in sports and social skills also.
5. The students are taught to create an Environment to Foster Personal
Growth and the develop their Individual Capacity thus transforming
Society through Service.
6. RiverDale is known for its Healthy Community Feeling that is prevalent
amongst their staff and students.


The School constantly evaluates their students and Extra Coaching is given in the form of Tutorials during the Leisure time of the students, to help them strengthen their skills in the subject in which they are lagging behind.

Students with above average performance levels of grades X (ICSE) and XII (ISC) are included in a Special 'Scholars' Batch' with an aim of helping these students achieve Higher levels of Academic Performance and Excelling in their
Final Board Examinations.

Highly Qualified External Faculty visit the school twice a week and work with these students at length, helping them gain deeper understanding of related concepts of the subjects covered.


In order to train the children in developing skills of Leadership, a Prefects' Board is established. This allows students to learn to uphold the School Values and Goals and to encourage their Peers in doing so too. Students learn a lot through this program in terms of Understanding of their class mates, handling Psychological Issues, Maintaining the Décor of the School and learning to Interact with all around in a Responsible Manner.


The admission procedure begins by filling up the Online Application Enquiry Form, on their Web-Site www.riverdaleintl.com.

After filling the Online Application Enquiry Form, you will receive a welcome call to visit the school on an appointed date. On your arrival you shall be taken on a tour around the school campus and briefed about the Literature,
Philosophy and Guidelines of the Institution.

The parents are then given an Application Kit which consists of the School Prospectus and a VCD of the school at a glance. You may download the Application Form and the Medical Form from the website.

On receipt of the Application Form and Registration Fee, the following Admission Tests are conducted :
• For grade 4 to 6 - English and Mathematics.
• Grade 7 and 8 - English, Mathematics and Science.
• Grade 9 and 11 - English, Mathematics and Science.

The Admission Test is followed by an Individual Interview of the Parents and Students with the Founder / Principal. Once admission is granted, an Acceptance
Letter is sent to the candidate. On receipt of all fees with the Accounts Office, that admission to RIS is confirmed.

Health / Medical Requirements:

A student with confirmed admission at RIS is required to submit the following medical documents to the school office :

1. A complete general physical check up report.
2. An ENT check up report
3. Blood check up which includes Haemogram, Blood group, Random DSL, Blood
urea, S.Cholesterol and SG PT.
4. Confirmation of Hepatitis A and B vaccination
5. Report on any allergies of the child (if applicable)

Parents are required to mention all Medical History of the child to the School Nurse, to ensure that the student's health is monitored and taken care of properly.

The approved School fee is different for the Indian and Overseas students. The Fee at the time of admission is non-refundable which includes Registration Fee, Admission Fee and Building Fund.

Annual School Fees includes the following:

Tuition Fee – includes course fees, use of library books, computers, science laboratory and its equipment and classroom.

Lodging Fee – includes dormitory accommodation.

Food services – includes daily school meals, snacks and bed-time milk.

Activity Fee – includes fee for admission to 'all school sports/extra curricular programs'.

Medical Fee – includes round the clock treatments for everyday ailments. The residential nurse deals with these. Hospitalization and other major illnesses will be charged at actuals and debited to the Imprest Account. A statement will be submitted to the parents at the end of the year.

Music Fee – includes fee for group instruction lessons for one instrument or voice.

Laundry Charges – An additional amount is charged towards the child's laundry.
Payment of Fees:

Fees for the Academic Year beginning in May is payable by April. Students with arrears in accounts at the end of the RIS Academic year will not be allowed to return to school at the commencement of the New term till all accounts are settled. A Late Fee Penalty of 18% per annum will be charged. School Leaving Certificate would not be issued till all accounts are cleared.

Other Expenses

This includes Field trips which are an essential part of academics and is optional. Students willing to participate in field trips would be charged accordingly. If a student causes damage to school property or other equipment, parents would be charged for repair or replacements. Any deliberate and intentional attempt to damage school property or equipment is breaching the discipline of school. Hence the student will be fined heavily.


If you are busy Career parents, and want your children to have the Best Education as well as develop their Personality and Skills and be Properly Cared for, to be safe, to be taught and trained by skilled faculty, to live in a Place which is a Second Home, which is not only Beautiful but also Environmentally Congenial, then RIVERDALE INTERNATIONAL RESIDENTIAL SCHOOL, IS THE BEST PLACE TO PUT YOUR PRECIOUS CHILD, WITH TOTAL ASSURANCE, THAT YOUR CHILD WILL BE HAPPY HERE.

By Mrs Corina Rebello


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