Festivals in Gujarat - Navaratri Pujan

The essence of this is that for ten nights there is worship of ten different energies called NAVDURGA. On every day of NAVRATRI a respective form of Devi Durga appears or evolves step by step & if she is worshipped, given offerings humbly and respectfully and if we meditate upon her divine evolvement, we get immense benefits by getting connected to higher universal positive dimensions.

You Know What is NAVARATRI?

NAV means nine and RATRI means night. Actually in my think there are nine planets, nine energy centers in body. In these nine nights when a person worships these female goddesses, in realty person is doing KARMA to balance his own self.

What are these negative energies or what are these weeds?

Maa Jagdamba
They are simply negative actions done by us physically, mentally, emotionally and financially. And these actions do have very definite results.

From the meditation of first Navratra to the tenth Navratra, the person receives different benefits like

The 1st Devi: Complete victory over the enemies, removal of hindrance in property issues, end of all kinds of fears and diseases.

The 2nd Devi: Receives unpredictable progress, Understanding, Wisdom, Shakti,Victory, Solution of freedom sudden death and accidents,receiving wealth suddenly and incomparable growth in business.

The 3rd Devi: Hardwork, Beauty, great internal strength,freedom from diseases,happiness,happiness at home.

The 4th Devi: Wealth, Prosperity, Great Fame, Great Good Fortune, Spiritual and worldly progress.

The 5th Devi: Destruction of sins, freedom from suffering, no obstacles in job, success in political field, inner strength like Iron and Power of Speech.

The 6th Devi: Freedom from fear, physical weakness, phobias, hindrances due to ghosts and enemies.

The 7th Devi: Accumulation of wealth, Bestows a protection shield, property and assets, child, progress in business.

The 8th Devi: Laxmi,freedom from poverty, happiness, fame, good fortune,ability to work hard, gold, assets,house,business, name and respect are received.

The 9th Devi: End of sadness, suffering and hindrances. Bestows fearlessness and ability to work hard.

The 10th Devi: Voice Sweetness, worldly pleasures and happiness, complete happiness, success in work,happiness at home is received.

A person who wants to reap complete benefits & blessings of these nine goddesses; NAVDURGA does the worship and follows the following rituals:-

Kalash Sthapna
Kalash means earthern pot and sthapana means establishment. The entire universe is in form of a ellipse. By doing this we try to gain as much energies as possible from universe to wipe of the negativities & hurdle. Kalash Stapana symbolizes and becomes the medium of worship of the whole Universe. The worship of Jagdumba is done only on the Kalash along with Sun and total five Demi Gods, Vishnu, Dakshdikripal, Nav-Ghrah etc.

Akhand Jyoti
Akhand means thing which is unpartioned and everlasting Jyot means flame. This is again a symbology of universal divine light existing in universe. You can get this Akhand Jyot enlightened only in Sri Matth, New
Delhi, India. Although several people keep Akhand Jyot at their homes, but by enlightening Akhand Jyot at Sri Matth, you receive greater benefits and peace of mind. Like there is a difference between the statues of God at home and in the Temple, in the same way there is a great difference between enlightening Akhad Jyot at home and at Sri Matth.

Sidh Divya Jyot
This Divine Jyot is lighted only in The Sri Matth. You can get this enlightened for your problem or any problem being faced by your loved one. This Divya jyot bestows a powerful protection shield around you and provides Shakti into the body, mind and soul of the person.

4) HAVAN :
The Havan done at Sri Matth, New Delhi India is Supreme. You can receive immense benefits by performing havan in the presence of SRI MAA with special Divine Mantra and Samagri. This is the most powerful ritual which a person can perform to get rid of most difficult problems or hurdles in one life. Anything offered in fire with chanting of divine mantras create very powerful vibrations in universe which come back to the performer of the ritual. Please keep in mind that whatever you do will certainly come back to you. If you are participating in this ritual, you are very fortunate.

Das Mahavidya (Maha Devi)
Maha means great and vidya means knowledge. This is the essence of NAVRATRI. Knowledge comes through when we take a deep journey within our own self and that can come only through meditation.

Kumari Pujan
Kumari Pujan has a great importance during Navratre.The girls of age 2 to 10 years are worshiped as Kumari.

First Day Maa Kumari- Attainment of all Meditations.

Second Day Maa Trimurti - Attainment of Tri-varga

Third Day Maa Kalyani - Fulfillment of wishes of gaining knowledge, victory, kingdom, happiness.

Fourth Day Maa Rohini - End of Disease.

Fifth Day Maa Kalika - End of enemy.

Sixth Day Maa Chandika - Attainment of Wealth and great fame.

Seventh Day Maa Shambhavi - Impressing the Kings, End of suffering and poverty, Victory in fight.

Eighth Day Maa Durga - End of Enemies, Siddhi in Good Deeds, Happiness in heaven.

Ninth Day Maa Subhadra - Fulfillment of all desires.

All this is the Shakti and blessings of the ten forms of Maa Jugdumba.

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