The tribes of Rajasthan

In this article I have provided information on the various tribes found in Rajasthan. I have discussed their origin, religion and traditional dress.

The tribes of Rajasthan

The tribals of Rajasthan were the original inhabitants of the land of Rajasthan. Today they constitute 12 percent of the total population of Rajasthan. The main tribes of Rajasthan include the Bhil tribe and the Meena tribe. Other than the Bhils and the Meenas, there are several other tribes. Some of them are-

  • Gadiya Lohars

  • Garasias

  • Sahariyas

  • Damors

  • Meo and Banjara

  • Rabaris

  • Kathodi

  • Kanjar

  • Sansi

  • Most of the tribes can be found along the foothills of Vindhya and the Aravali mountain ranges. The tribes of Rajasthan along with their exquisite tradition and customs have added flavor to the land of Rajasthan.

    Origin of the various tribes of Rajasthan

    bhil tribeThe origin of the tribes of Rajasthan dates back to the Aryan invasion of India. They survived the invasion from Hunas, Aryans, Sakas and Kusanas and maintained their tradition and culture since centuries. They mainly indulge in food cultivation, however there are some tribes like the Rabaris who indulge in cattle rearing and some other tribes have acumen in bussiness etc.

    The mythology of various tribes of Rajasthan

    In Ramayan, one of the great epics of India, A Bhil- Shabari is known to have given half eaten berries to Lord Rama and Lord Lakshman. The Bhils are mentioned in the Mahabharata too.
    The Meenas are believed to be the descendants of Lord Vishnu's matsya avatar. Hence the name meena(meen means fish)

    Religion of the tribes of Rajasthan

    Majority of the tribes are Hindus. Although some of them follow Sikhism too. Now with the modern world and influence of other religions, the people are slowly converting to other religions too.

    Traditional dress of the tribes of Rajasthan

    There is some difference in dress according to the tribes and location and several factors influence it. The women usually wear a skirt known as Ghagra, a blouse known as Kurti and a piece of cloth known as odhani to cover their heads. Likewise the men wear a turban on their heads, an upper garment called the angarakha and a dhoti.

    All the tribes bear some similarities; however there is some differences in their jewelry, customs and festivals.

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