One to admire the most

The moment a child is born, parents start their speculations on who he/she will be when grown up and all the assumptions relate to real life personalities. Like if it's a beautiful girl, probably the next Aishwarya Rai and if a boy then some successful sport personality like Sachin Tendulkar or the entrepreneur, the next Ambani. They have their incredible stories of how they fought situations and reached their life now is. Who is "the ultimate influencer" in our lives?

Well, ask a school going boy this question (and even many grownups) they have the answer...its Sachin Tendulkar - the ultimate God. Well yes, a great cricketer and all that. I have also heard people name Amitabh Bachchan as the person who inspires or influences one the most. There are so many and let me name a few like Gandhi, Bill Gates, Mother Teresa, Shah Rukh Khan, Nelson Mandela, Abraham Lincoln, and I should never forget Rajnikanth! So ranging from film personalities to historic heroes we have many who inspire and whom we admire the most. True that all of them have various qualities and traits that set them apart and because of which people name them as the ones who they admire the most. I have seen beauty pageants where this is one of the standard questions, a person you admire the most, or a person you would like to be born as excluding yourself. The answers are always same like Mother Teresa, who helped people, or Abraham Lincoln, a great leader who told the truth, etc. It is very difficult for me to answer one single person who I admire the most or who influences or inspires me the most. Once during school when I came to know that the person who won the essay writing competition for the topic "The person whom I admire the most" wrote that it was Adolf Hitler for him led me wondering how?

It was always the common notion to write Gandhiji or some great personality like him to be the person whom you admire the most. I still remember the talk when this was discussed in class that the boy may have just won due to good use of language, but not the whole concept of declaring Hitler as the person one should admire. We all know Hitler as a person of unjust, tyranny, cruelty, racism, atrocities and a person who orchestrated wars in the world. One of my mates said, "Oh yaa, really?? Hitler he admires?? Does he know what Hitler did all his life and also what happened in the end? Such a coward and a cruel person he was!!"

Actually not every one of us knew Hitler's story, but yes we came to know he committed suicide in the end after all the tortures he committed to Jews his entire life. So what could one write in a winning essay about Hitler being the person one should admire about? Of course when the debate was going on as to how to consider to admire Hitler, we came to the conclusion that every person has negative traits, but we must take the positive points that one has which drives us along and admire those points and let the world know that negative publicity can gain you fame like Hitler, but no one would ever consider anything good about you due to the deeds done by you. Concentrating on the good points, or the highlights that could be included in an essay when writing about Hitler as the one to admire this is what I can come up with. The personality of this man, that is to say, the strength that emerges when one looks at a picture of him, is incredible. I have seen a picture of Hitler in army attire, very strong and confident personality. Just looking at the picture when not knowing of what this person did to millions of people, you still get the vibe that yes, he can do a lot. There is so much of confidence in him and not to forget that this one person himself led Germany alone.

A great dictator needs a great personality and amazingly high level of confidence in him and that is what he possessed. The most important thing that strikes me was the fact that he believed in himself a lot. He knew he could do it all alone and the determination he had in achieving all that he needed shows his greatest potential and self-belief. No one could forget his literary work, "Mein Kamph" or "My Struggle" that he wrote behind prison bars. The ending with a suicide also confirms that he was not ready to surrender himself to others, to succumb to others and fail in such a miserable way. He wanted death to be in his own way; he wanted to even control death. To die in the hands of the enemy was a more shameful way for him and that is the reason he orchestrated his own death. I remember the line, 'If you succeed you don't need to give any explanations and if you fail you shouldn't be there to give any explanation.' This person had so much confidence in him till the end. I am not trying to side with whatever he did, just working a way to establish what to look for when thinking of a person to admire the most.
We all would love to be the person someone would say that they admire the most. But are we supposed to follow other personalities to be such a person? No, on the other hand, all these people made their position on their own; with their own hard work. They themselves became the person whom they would admire the most. Obviously, many great personalities admire their parents, as they are the ones who brought them up. So rather than following the exact way in which a personality lives his/her life, one should be more dedicated towards improving one's own life which would eventually lead to success and to be a person whom others would admire. Wasting time following up other legends and their lifestyle, one must try to pick up the positive points, include it in one's own life and make up a veneration of him in front of others. Every person in our life teaches us something and we are to imbibe the lessons, keep the good morals and have a positive outlook and neat principles in mind. Even a person like Hitler can give us attributes like self-confidence, determination to achieve goals, but it's upon us to properly place them and absorb them so as to benefit and not destruct.

In the end, so many influence us in our lives, selecting one is a difficult task. Better we select ourselves as the one to admire, to be made capable of admiration. I am not taking about having immense pride or over confidence, but to have self-faith and determination so as to make oneself capable of such admiration, and lead a wonderful life enjoying the incandescent beauties of nature and a clean conscience which says, "next time one asks me who I admire the most, I can say - myself, as I am confident, determined, worked hard, led the right way, didn't stray from my principles and yes I'm worth being admired!"



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