What will you like to be, if you were a fruit in Mumbai?

Fruits are one of the best plants that man enjoyed since the creation of the earth till date. The reason is that fruits have in them some vital nutrients that can aid the growth and good health of man. So, what fruit or fruits are your favourite? Consider the usefulness of the fruit or fruits to your life and habits and look at your ability to influence your world in a good or bad way. This resource seeks to consider the value of fruits in proportion to our everyday life activities.

If you are particular about colours or you have a soft spot for shapes, sizes, or taste, there is a fruit out there just for you. So, which is your preference?

Would you like to be a fruit with a wee bit of muscle which almost looks like a bowling ball and has the nutritional strength of one? Aside from being delicious and thirst quenching, a slice of a smile – sized watermelon is just the fruit for you; go for it. It's a member of the cucurbitaceous family. Just remember that it's related to cucumbers. A Japanese farmer from Zentsuji invented a method to grow square watermelons. Reason? The cubic fruit will take up less spice in the refrigerator and won't roll away like a bowling ball when you want to cut it.

Rough on the outside but sweet on the inside. Want to know which fruit this is? There is a certain animal king from Madagascar who wears a crown that looks like the top of a Pineapple. This tasty treat is of course naturally sweet and filling and is part apple, part..Pine. Your guess is as good as mine; what's up with the name right? Well, it got its name in English because of its resemblance to a pine cone. That's why it has a tough and prickly outer layer that is segmented like a pine cone. But the taste of the inside; one word; Awesome! Wait! Think about these words that describe a pineapple; tough and sweet. Let's consider this; does it sound like the qualities of good boys and girls. I mean look at the equation. Imagine; you (that totally awesome and cool dude/ dudette) is equaled to Mr..(Your name please) tough, strong e.t.c and Miss..(Your name here) sweet kind and charming like a pineapple. Imagine that. Wouldn't you want to be a pineapple?

Perhaps you are after shape. A fruit with a shape almost like a boomerang and the ability of one when eaten. Talking about strength, do you know that even with the size of a boomerang, it has the ability of knocking someone off his feet? Imagine what a fruit with that ability can do because of its great source of natural energy that can make you strong and healthy. This is no other than the yellow skinned fruit; banana. It can help your stomach when it is constipated.

Have you ever asked this question: "which fruit is one of the most popular fruit in the world? Not a trick question I promise. Well, let me put it this way, you can as well be the most popular kid in school. Popular for being the best in math, science, art e.t.c, just like an orange. Now that's a fun fact for real. An orange is a citrus fruit that belongs to the family of Rutaceae of genus. It is good to remember that oranges are juicy and sweet and most especially renowned for a great concentration of vitamin C. The orange is popular and you can be too. Just like Bill Gates, Ben Carson, and most especially the governor of the state of Mumbai. Your name can be added to this list, too. Now that would be nice, wouldn't it? So get thinking about superb ideas!

Its colour; red, beautiful, red skin just like lightening McQueen in cars. Red apples! When it comes to health benefits, well kids apples literally lead the pack. It's a seemingly magical fruit which has great advantages for your mental health. It's also important, which is why people say "an apple a day keeps the doctor away".


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