Examination, Not Murder

This article is for anyone hyped up about the upcoming exams. It will soothe you, and at the same time instigate you to work harder than ever before. It was not written by a third person- but a person who has gone through the same problems and come through it alive. Exams have been stereotyped as scary- they're not! Learn from them, mold yourself into the perfect students. Best of luck!!

More than the exams themselves, students are worried about studying for them.Getting through two hours of questions is easy- much easier than the sleepless nights spent hyperventilating and stressing over what those questions will be. My first advice to you, therefore, is chill. Don't freeze all together, but take your time. These exams take up only a small part of your life. This is not going to define who you are or your future- but it sure will make the base it lies on. However, here are some tips to keep you on the better side of the student body- the side that zips through the exams with flourish and doesn't have to look back at any tragic past.
- Time! Time is the one thing you can't fight against- it will always win the battle.Therefore, the only thing you can do is bring it on your side. Start preparing even before the teachers hand you the syllabus. Do it for yourself- see your knowledge, and yourself as a whole, grow as a person. Everyday, come back home and do some math sums, flip through what you did in class, practice writing summaries in Hindi- take your pick! Finish the syllabus, at least a month before the exams. The last week of the exams should be spent revising- NEVER cramming.
- A great way to prepare yourself for exams, or even life, is to answer in your class. It will impress your teachers, improve your performance and boost your self- confidence.
- Practice tests with a time limit will only help you, it'll build up your stamina and pinpoint your weaknesses. If you had an Achilles heal before, you don't anymore!
- This is perhaps the most important one- Don't lose heart. How you did in your last exams is over. It has nothing to do with how well you do now. Your mantra should be- 'I am smart. I am brilliant." Because, in all probability- you are!
Last, but not least, do not forget that there is more to life than the upcoming exams. If you are an aspiring engineer, artist, whatever- give time to that. Grill through those JEE books and breathe in the knowledge. Blow yourself away, and the world will be blown away with you.


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