Music: The World Of Thrill

Musis always thrills everyone. Without music no one live smoothly. Music creates a real taste for living good life. This article would provide the jest of music in human life.

For different people, different things give them thrill. For some, racing in luxurious race cars along scenic yet narrow cliffs gives them shivers down their spine. For some, reading a thriller book or latest gossip. Seeing the whispers tingle in their ears, the wide eyes, the dry mouths and cracked voices is thrill enough for me. Or for some, the century old, seeing their crush makes them go weak at the knees. But as all of the above might apply to me, something that I was always hungry for was music. It's not my passion, no, I don't want to become a qualified bathroom singer, but yes, I respect everyone who ever makes music because it IS MOST DEFINITELY NOT EASY.

First, they have to find a songwriter, singer and record deal maker. Then they have to come up with something original and sing the song. Even if one note goes wrong, they sing the whole verse/ paragraph again. They add special editing to the songs.Then, they have to send it for approval which takes 1 month and finally they look for shops willing to sell their CDs. Then they have to find costumes, cast and setting for their music videos and time it exactly to finish at the same time the song does and have the same transitions. So, you see, it is ABSOLUTE TURMOIL.

Pop music is a widely liked genre. I like rock, synthetic, electronic, indie and normal pop. Observer Drift and Bombay Bicycle Club are some unknown indie pop bands that I prefer over my mom's idolisation, Indian Ocean. But, Julianna Barwick's The Harbinger is a quite boring song. It is an eerie, soft opera playing in the background. But, it is not the music I like; it's the music video. It circulates around a woman that first appears to be dead in a pool but her breathing is so quiet that the listeners do not realise that she's alive. Then the second scene is of a woman(I don't know if she was the same) in a long skirt who changes and runs out. She goes to a room full of water and seems euphoric there. It's quiet scary, actually, the way she smiles and laughs bashfully.

A music video also attracts people. The more animated, thrilling, scary, abnormal, rebellious, mysterious, happy, etcetera a music video is, the more appreciation it will draw. Not only will it go viral on video streamers, but scenes of it might appear in the newspapers, magazines, televisions and reporting channels. This can be a moment to be proud or dreadful, as the person writing or reporting or broadcasting about your video will criticise either well or,... not so well. All in the music industry must be careful as to what content they display in their video. It impounds a bad impression on the viewer, singer and all other people supporting the singer.

There are always song lyrics that I can connect with. So the next time you blast some music in your 48 inch boom box, remember that people have dedicated their lives to provide entertainment for audiences. They have had huge struggles, disadvantages, failures and disappointments, but they kept on trying. And the music that you feel is demeaning is actually the singer's hard work speaking to you, so never discourage. After all, we all have suffered the same things as them.Every time I listen to music that appeals to me, I get that wave of butterflies in my stomach, like a Mexican wave. I know I have written about music before but I'll only stop writing about it when that wave of astonishment will disappear from my stomach (not happening)(ever).

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Guest Author: 26 Mar 2014

This is a good thread and I will be glad if the webmaster can use his power to transfer this thread to the article section of this site. This thread is relevant in the article section.

Guest Author: 27 Mar 2014

A wonderful thread Angelina. Every one want to be part of music in their own way. Music has played a vital role in everyones life. This the another addition in human life to live with it positively.

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