Tips On Writing Interesting Blog Posts

Blogging is another good things going on in this platform. It is good to know the tips of writing a good blog. Here are some of them.

This message is a reply to the Mahashivratri competition and I will be talking about how to create an attractive blog post. So, read on to find out and enjoy!

I -- Illustration
C -- Creativity
K -- Knowledge

Illustration: To illustrate is to draw images, so, draw! If you are writing your first blog post, then you can DRAW to explain your writing! Also, while writing a draft, drawing the characters, background and the action taking place really helps get into the mood and detail. Looking at that picture, write whatever you want (in detail) about what that certain image shows you. That will help your writing be more descriptive and create a picture and mood in the reader's mind.

Creativity: Unless you're writing a biography or an autobiography, nothing has to be true! Imagine beyond all possibilities to make your writing with an interesting, slashing twist! Make the reader feel that he/she has gone into a wild world in where nothing yet anything can happen! Danger lurks everywhere! It can be a shark motorbike/ submarine or an alien world where everything-including every gas on planet Earth- is made of rubber! Or a tree that produced money, day and night, but then God came to stop it and banished everyone on Earth, but then, you relent to His rules and regulations. DREAM to make your writing seem more vibrating and unbelievable, and leave people pounding to read some more blog posts!

Knowledge: KNOW what you're writing. This applies most for biographies, autobiographies, historical events and even some school projects. If you want to post something as a school project, for example, something about a major war somewhere in the world, RESEARCH about it! Search the internet for many RELIABLE websites so you can get a variety of opinions and pick the major, most favourable opinion and write about it. I wouldn't exactly recommend your own hypothesis, because you might turn out to be wrong. If you check it on the web and you prove yourself correct, awesome! Go ahead and use that information.
Also, everything isn't sometimes on the web. Go pick up that old, boring, dusty book in the corner and flip through it. You might find quite detailed and accurate information in it about whatever you're writing about.

All of this needs patience. It will take time to think out the whole process, research about it and draw about it. If you think you are impatient, go ask an adult to help you out! I'm pretty sure they'll be impressed with your writing and encourage you to go on!
P.S. Be VERY CAREFUL about what you search on the internet. There are many non kid-friendly things posted on the web nowadays, so, if Google is your search engine, please always activate SafeSearch mode if you have a kid around.

Those are some safe tips on how to create a successful blog post and these methods can also apply to novels, comic books, etcetera. I tried all of the above methods and also made an animation video about the same using the famous animation website, GoAnimate at Thanks for reading and do see my 2 other posts, How Music Helped Me In Life and The Difference Between IB and ICSCE Schools in Mumbai. Another big thanks for this encouraging completion; I had fun tweaking some sentences and re-sizing and re-structuring them. Again, all the credit goes to my blog; visit it for other fun things!

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Guest Author: 05 Mar 2014

This is great thread and people will come to know about writing blogs online. You have given wonderful tips. Keep writing and keep earning.

Guest Author: 05 Mar 2014

Thank you so much!

Guest Author: 05 Mar 2014

I very much agree to all the tips.

Guest Author: 05 Mar 2014

Thanks, all of you.

Guest Author: 05 Mar 2014

The word limit is more than 150 words... The Mahashivratri contest thread requested the above word limit. Kindly consider my post for one of the final entries.

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