Marvellous world of books in Mumbai

This article provide details of types of books available for reading. More talking about the genres of these books good for reading purpose. So keep your interest intact and read more about books here.

Reading is a really good hobby that helps you: helping to learn new words it helps you in learning to communicate reduces stress,and puts you in a better mode
4.People who read likes to participate in activities.

Sometimes, reading also helps in reflecting your own life.I love reading books.and it is because of this reason and also that books to me, are like our best friend and also a true one.Sometimes, the books I read helped me find solution to my problems.books also gives you a moral/teaches you.I also like books as because of them, we can travel all around the world and imagine crazy stuff by sitting in a corner of your room!

There are many genres of books. Everybody can like a different genre of book. Some of the popular genres are:
4.Murder Mystery
6.Science Fiction

Children could like fantasy, Science fiction and fiction. Teens can like romance, horror and murder mystery while Adults will like to read non-fiction and romance.
The like of genres can change to person to person.

Every genre in detail:

Fantasy means the things that can not exist in real life.For ex. Fairies, Vampires, Dragons etc.Fantasy is famous in a kid's age because girls like fairies and boys like vampires, heroes and dragons.I think children below 12 years would love this genre as probably they like imagining stuff.

Fiction is a bit like fantasy as it is also not true, but it can be related to real life and it is not about immortal characters.I think teenagers would not like to read this kind of genre as they would think the fantasy is babyish.

Non-Fiction is obviously opposite to fiction. It tells about real stuff. It can be divided into: Biography/autobiography and Information. Autobiography means that a person wrote about his/her life on his/her own.Biography is the life of someone written by someone else.Information means that the book tells information of something.For ex. a book about volcanoes, a book about ancient civilizations etc.

Murder Mystery genre cannot be more clearer. This genre of book is a mystery that occurred because of a murder.Teens and adults are attracted to this genre.

Horror is kind of genre that is scary and creepy.It gives you goosebumps, this genre also fits in fantasy, but this genre is so popular in teens that they made it into a new genre.

Science Fiction is obviously a fiction book like its name, but it is related to science.For ex.Time travel.Children,teens and adults may like to read this kind genre.

Romance is mostly liked by adults, but teens are also interested in reading books of this genre.This genre most of the time is about relationships.

Some people also would chose to read book of poetry or short stories or even long novels such as Shakespeare's books.



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