First Women and First Person of Orissa

This article is about first women and persons of Orissa in education, politics, administrative, sports, science, entertainment, health, social service, freedom fights, literature, arts, commerce and many more sectors. This article is about the famous persons of Orissa for being first in their area of expertise.

First women of Orissa

First women chief minister of Orissa: Smt. Nandini Satapathy
First women commissioner of Orissa: Ranu Mishra
First women minister of Orissa: Basanta Manjari Devi
First tribal women minister of Orissa: Saraswati Hembram
First women advocate of Orissa: Urmibala Ray
First women pilot of Orissa: Giribala Mohanty
First women layer of Orissa: Sudhanshubala Hajra
First women physician of Orissa: Dr. Kuntala Kumari Sabat
First women surgeon of Orissa: Dr. Jyotsna Devi
First women cricket trainee of Orissa: Ranjita Mohanty
First women MLA of Orissa: Sarala Devi
First women collector of Orissa: Chandramani Narayani Swami
First women college lecturer of Orissa: Nirmala Nayak
First women graduate of Orissa: Narmada Kar
First women poet of Orissa: Sulakshana Devi
First women engineer of Orissa: Sudhira Das
First women All India congress leader of Orissa: Jayanti Pattnaik
First women traveler through seaway from Orissa: Nibedita Acharya travelled to Indonesia
First women Rajyasabha member of Orissa: Nandini Satapathy
First women High court Judge of Orissa: Smt. Amiyakumari Padhy
First women IAS topper of Orissa: Rupa Mishra
First women Arjuna awardees' of Orissa: Minati Mohapatra
First women television news reader of Orissa: Sanghamitra Kanoongo
First women IPS officer of Orissa: Sowmya Mishra
First women mayor of Orissa: Sushri Nibedita Pradhan
First women journalist of Orissa: Padmalaya Das
First women film director of Orissa: Parvati Ghosh
First women Hindi film actor of Orissa: Dali Jena
First women Bengali film actor of Orissa: Mahasweta Ray
First women English film actor of Orissa: Jyotsna Devi
First women architect of Orissa: Kabita Mohanty
First women director for radio centre from Orissa: Veena Devi
First women Europe traveler of Orissa: Rama Devi
First women Politician of Orissa: Rama Devi

First Person of Orissa

First Odia Governor: Harekrushna Mahatab
First Odia Lokasabha Speaker: Rabi Ray
First Odia Chief Justice: Nilamani Senapati
First Odia Freedom Fighter: Veera Surendra Sae
First Odia Dramatist: Jagmohan Lal
First Odia Poet: Mahakabi Sarala Das
First Odia Novelist: RamShankar Ray
First Odia Astrologer: Samanta Chandrasekhar
First Odia IFS: Kumari Sanjukta Pattnaik
First Odia Post Graduate: Sri Madhusudan Das
First Odia Professor: Professor Pranakrushna Parija
First Odia International Cricketer: Debasish Mohanty
First Odia Advocate: Sri Madhusudan Das
First Odia Doctorate: Chowdhury Jagannath Das
First Odia Air Marshal: Sri Saroj Jena
First Odia Everest Mountaineer: Chetana Sahu
First Odia Arjuna Awardees': Minati Mohapatra
First Odia District Judge: Sri Dayanidhi Das
First Odia Foreign Traveler: Madhusudan Das
First Odia Foreign Justice: Lilitendu Maansingh
First Odia Jamunalal Bajaj Awardees': Ramadevi Chowdhury
First Odia American Ambassador: Lilitendu Maansingh
First Odia Hindi Movie Producer: Sitakanta Mishra (Sodhi)
First Odia Hindi Movie Director: Prasanta Nanda
First Odia Police Commissioner: Srikrushna Mohapatra
First Odia Supreme Court Justice: Sriyukta Ranganath Mishra
First Odia Padmabhusan Awardees': Dr. Pranakrushna Parija
First Odia Padmashree Awardees': Laxminarayan Sahu (for Education)
First Odia Political Prisoner: Rajakrushna Bose
First Odia Advocate General: Swami Vichitranand Das
First Odia Law Graduate: Bishwanath Mishra
First Odia ICS Officer: Sri Nilamani Senapati

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