Bonda Ghati and Bonda Tribal people

Odisha has many tribal communities and Bonda tribals are one of them. They lead a very simple life. The modern society failed to bring change in them, because they well protected their culture and traditions from modern civilization. This article contains few information about these tribal people. So, if you are interest to know more about them then please read the full article.

Bonda Tribal: One of the isolated tribes of Odisha

In Odisha more than 62 types of tribal people live. Their culture and traditions are different from each other. Among these 62 types, Bonda Tribal is one of the tribals of Odisha. They able to isolate their living style from the modern society. They may live in 20th century but able to well protect their culture and traditions.

Bonda Tribals and the Bonda Ghati

Bonda people also called themselves as Remo, in Bonda language 'Remo' means the people. The area where Bonda tribals live is known as the Bonda Ghati. Mainly they live in Malkanagiri district of Odisha. In Khairaput Block, they live in 32 villages which are present in the Bonda hills at the height of 3000 feet. Mudulipada, Andrahall, Kadamguda, Podaghat, Rasabeda adn Badadural are few names of Bonda tribal villages. The whole area is known as Bonda Bodna tribal womanGhati. According to the 2011 census approximately 1436 Bonda families are present in these 32 Bonda villages. The total population of Bonda trible is approximately 12,000 as per 2011 census. Most interesting fact is that the number of women is more as compare to men in Bonda people.Bodna tribal woman

Bondas are further divided into few sub-groups such as Ontal and Kilo. They are not developed their life with respect to time, because they won't preferred to change their life more with the modern civilized society. They are happy with their culture and traditions. They still depend on Podu Cultivation. The entire family collectively do this work. The barter system commonly known as 'Binnimoy Pratha', still exists in them. They exchange their agriculture produced materials for their daily use articles.

They visit the Hata(weekly markets) to exchange their produced materials to get their daily use articles which are organised in Bonda Ghati. Mundiguda Hata is the most favourite place of Bonda tribal people which is organised every Sunday. You can observe their simple life and can able to collect information about this tribal people in this weekly market easily.

Why Bonda women won't grow their hair?

Bonda women won't grow their hair. There is a old story behind it. Near Mudulipada there is a natural water tank known as Sitakunda. Bondas believe that Lord Ram and his wive Devi Sita visited this place during the Ramayan age. Few Bonda women laughed while Devi Sita was bathing in the tank. Sita got angry over this incident and put a curse on them. Because of that curse Bonda women lost her beauty and won't grow her hair and wear dresses to improve her beauty. They are generally semi clothed and hardly wear any necklace or ornaments but wear rings on the ears and nose.

Bondas and their Festivals

Bonda tribal people celebrate 'Patkhanda Yatra' at Mudulipada in the summer season, basically in between the months of April and May. Even they celebrate Chaitra Praba' in the month of March, which lasts for whole month. This festival is also known as 'Pangal'. In this festival the Bonda men move into the forest for hunting purpose and won't return back without hunting anything.

Know the rules before visit Bonda Ghati

Bonda people are very short tempered and get angry easily. In anger they won't realize anything at all. So, it is very harmful to enter into their area without permission.

Due to few problems, Odisha government imposed few restrictions for visit on Bonda Ghati. Many times found that few foreign tourists misuse the Bonda women photographs. So, according to the new rule without permission of the district collector foreign tourists are not allowed to visit those tribal areas. Tourists must apply for the permission of the collector to visit that area through the Odisha Tourism. Similar copy of application should be sent to the respective police station of that area. Tourists are not allowed to stay in the tribal areas in night. They are not allowed to visit their homes and even are not allowed to take photographs and videos with them. If any tourist or organisations fail to follow the rules then they will be punished by Indian .

Though implementation of such rules may affect the tourism of that region but it is necessary to protect these tribal people. Tough Bonda people are less educated but able to protect their culture and traditions but we failed in front of them.

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