Neeraj Grover Case: Maria monica Susairaj Released from Byculla Jail, Karnataka

I will explain here about one of the hot news in Karnataka in July 2011, the release of Actress Maria Monica Susairaj from Byculla Jail today. This is one of the hottest news among the Karnataka State of India today. This article will also explain you about the triangle love of Maria monica susairaj is well..

How Maria Susairaj is related with Neeraj Grover case

Who is Maria Monica Susairaj?maria

Maria Susairaj, is one of the silver screen actresses of Sandalwood who has made some films in Kannada and after a succinct withstanding in the silver screen of Karnataka, Maria Monica wanted to trick with the small screen of Mumbai.

How Maria Susairaj and Neeraj Grover relation began?

For this reason Maria monica Susairaj shifed to mumbai on March 2008. when Maria Susairaj went to one of the television studio, Maria monica Susairaj met a young TV executive, Neeraj Grover. There started the relationship between Maria Susairaj and Neeraj Grover and the both were in good contact with each other through mobile. Soon the relationship of Maria Susairaj and Neeraj Grover grew deeper as Neeraj Grover helped Maria Susairaj a lot to set her dreams and aims firm in the television industry. Maria monica Susairaj had to stay in Neeraj's house in Andheri appartment for few days. Maria Monica Susairaj then shifted to her new house in Dheeraj Solitaire flats at Malad.

Maria Susairaj and Neeraj's relationship set aside, Maria Susairaj has a boyfriend named 'Emile Jerome Matthew' and the betrothal of Maria and Jerome was fixed 2 months uletior to this.

Story behind Murder of Neeraj Grover


On May 5, 2008, Neeraj Grover visited Maria at 10 pm in her her newly shifted house at Malad. Neeraj Grover reasoned that his visit was to help Maria in settling with the things in Maria monica Susairaj house. At this time Maria got a phone call from boyfriend of Maria Monica Susairaj, Emile Jerome. In this late night, hearing a man's voice on the background will really make any boyfriend anger and so did Jerome hearing Neeraj speaking with Maria Monica Susairaj at that time. Jerome was already informed by Maria that Neeraj revealed his crush on Maria Monica Susairaj's and this matter was subsided as she dint respond to it earlier. In this situation Jerome advised Maria not to allow him continue Neeraj Grover's stay during that night and put an end to thier conversation. But disobeying her lover's words, Maria Monica Susairaj let Neeraj stay in with her during that night.

The next day, earlier in the morning Jerome launched his presence to Maria's house uninformed. Maria monica Susairaj did not expect that Jerome would visit her house at 7.30 am and this struck up her. In the agony seeing Neeraj naked in maria monica Susairaj 's bedroom, Jerome blasted on him. After a long argument Jerome killed Neeraj Grover with a kitchen knife. Then Emile Jerome Mathew, boyfriend of Maria Monica Susairaj instructed Maira to buy some things to clear his body. As he said, Maria went to a nearby shop at 11. 30 am and purchased two bags, bed-sheets, window drapes, a bottle of air-freshener, and a bread knife. In mean while Jerome took the body to kitchen and sliced it into pieces and Maria dumped those pieces, the knife and all other blood stained things into those two bags which she bought.

They then needed a vehicle to dispose these things and so Maria called up friend of Maria Monica Susairaj, Kiran Shreya, a choreographer and borrowed his car. As soon as they got the car, they stuffed those bags in its dikky. This was noticed by the watchman of that building. The both took the car and started driving it around 4.30 pm towards the Manor forest in Thane district. In between, they stopped at a petrol bulk at Bhayander and stocked 2 litres in a can. Once they went to the forest near Amgaon village, they fired those two bags with the help of that petrol. Maria and Jerome then returned to Mumbai at 9.30 pm. They both finally enclosed the murder of Neeraj within themselves.

When Neeraj's friends found him lost and decided to give a complaint to the Malad police, Maria joined them and Jerome Matthew stayed back in the apparment. The police threw some questions to maria and then Maria Monica Susairaj was let to home. Maria monica Susairaj told the police that on the day Jerome was found lost, she borrowed a car from boyfriend of Maria Monica Susairaj, Emile Jerome Mathew's friend Jitesh. When the Police enquired Jitesh they came to know that the statements of Maria were not true. Then they
turned their suspection on her and asked Maria monica Susairaj about it.

Police Investigation with Maria Monica Susairaj about Neeraj Grover's murder

Maria Monica Susairaj then told that the car was her friend Kiran's. Then the police concentrated the investigation around her house and found from the watchman that he saw Maria and Matthew putting some huge bags in that car's dikky. Maria and Matthew painted the blood stained rooms with different color and even this was un-noticed by the police. The police then called Matthew to the police station on May 8 for investigation. The boy friend of Maria Monica Susairaj, Emile Jerome Mathew assured the police that he came to Mumbai for a Navy training and the police left that un concentrated. The police then ceased the cell phone of Matthew and found that there were more than 1000 calls from his mobile to Maria between 7th May and 20th May. As all the doubt was on Maria, the police shot continuous questions on Sandalwood actress Maria monica Susairaj for 10 days and finally she got wexed and disclose the truth.

Punishment given to Actress Maria Monica Susairaj for Neeraj murder

Then there was a case held and Maria monica Susairaj was sentenced to 3 years immprisonment under IPC Section 201 for hiding the evidences of Neeraj's death. The Neeraj Grover's murder case sentenced Matthew for 10 years imprissonment for mardering and hiding the evidence. They both were arrested 3 years back in Byculla Jail. Now after 3 years behind the bars of Byculla Jail, Maria Susairaj has completed her term that was sentenced and she walked home on Saturday. Maria's boyfriend has 7 more years of imprissonment for this crime.


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