Energy Crisis / Power Problem / Load Shedding in Karnataka

Worried about power cut/load shedding? Do you know the reasons behind power cut/load shedding/ in Karnataka? In this article you fill find information regarding load shedding/power problem in Karnataka.

There are 5 Electricity Distribution Companies and 1 Electricity Transmission Company.

Transmission Company – KPTCL

State Electricity Distribution Companies :-

1.Bangalore Elctricity Supply Company (BESCOM)

2.Chamundeshwari Electricity Supply Corporation (CESC)

3.Mangalore Electricity Supply Company (MESCOM)

4.Gulbarga Electricity Supply Company (GESCOM)

5.Hubli Electricity Supply Company. (HESCOM)

Refer URL for function of Transmitting and Distribution Companies in detail.

Why Load Shedding:-

Presently the Approximate Power Generation of Karnataka from all sources (Govt and Private sector including Central Government) Hydro Power Generation, Thermal Power Generation, Wind Power Generation, gas and diesel Generation etc ) – is 8000MW during peak hours

But the demand is about 10000 MW during peak hours(6 AM to 10 AM & 6PM to 10 PM). And demand is not a constant parameter. It will vary drastically.

It is clear that there is a gap between Supply (Generation) and Demand.
As demand is drastically variable its very difficult to match the demand with supply (generation).
Because of this Distribution companies go for load staggering.

The question may rise in in your mind that why Government is not going for putting up new power plants to match the demand.
Answer for this question is
1.Lack of resources for putting Hydro Power Plants. (All water resources are already in use)

2.To put a Nuclear power plant, still there is no power to state Governments because of security & safety aspects. (Central Government has not given power to state governments)

3. Left one is Thermal Power plants. Peoples /Public who are concerned about environment/ecological system of the globe are opposing to put thermal as well Nuclear power plants. (As it will hamper the environment/ecological system and also it will become one of the reason for increasing Global Warming )

Non availability of proper land/resources for putting Thermal Power Plants.

4.One of the option is that going for Non-Conventional resources i.e. Wind Power Generation, Solar Power Generation. But Non-Conventional resources will help in only reducing little bit of gap between Supply (Generation) and Demand.

From the above points it is clear that Government /Distribution cant go for new Generation as there is no provisions for Generation. (Still Government is trying to put power plants)


One option to match the Supply (Generation) and Demand is for Distributing companies is procure the more power from other states by paying higher price and distribute the power in Karnataka state.

Now distributing companies are doing the same, but it is hampering the revenue system of distribution companies, as distributing companies are buying power from other states/private sector power generator at higher prices at sell to public at lower prices. Some times distributing companies are paying Rs.16-18 per unit during peak hour in summer seasons.
The price of electricity will vary from time to time. (Based on season, day, weekend, occasion etc)

And also distributing companies are suffering from loss of revenue, power theft (Commercial Loss), technical loss.

Loss of revenue is because of Unauthorised Irrigation Pump sets / unauthorised domestic connection coming under rural sector. (As Government of Karnataka announced free supply for BPL peoples and to former having Irrigation pump sets up to 10HP)

Government of Karnataka is paying subsidy for the supply which comes under free supply scheme (for authorised connection only).

What is solution :-

Finally distribution companies come up with new concept that is Demand Side Management.
Demand side Management is the tool to match gap between Supply (Generation) and demand with available power supply. That is balance the load with available power supply by efficient load management and energy conservation.

Load staggering is on of the point of Demand Side Management.

"1 Unit Energy saved is 1 Unit Energy gained"

Public/people of Karnataka can come out from this problem by supporting distributing companies in conserving energy and adopting energy saving techniques.

Some of the Energy saving techniques in home/office

Refer URL for saving techniques in home/office

Some of the Energy saving techniques in Industrial/IP Sets/Commercial Sector.

1.Using of Energy Efficient Motors/Pumps.

2.Using of Shunt capacitor banks with all type of Induction motors/IP sets. Capacitor banks compensate the reactive power of the power system and helps in energy conservation.

I hope this articles will helps in understanding of power problem in Karnataka and also useful in Conserving the Energy.

"Conserve Energy Save Planet"


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